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Yellow Number Plates: Are these Illegal?

by Meghashree Das
Yellow number plate

Every one of you have seen number of vehicle plates like white, yellow, dark and red and so on in vehicles or different vehicles out and about in your day by day life. However, by taking a look at those number plates, do you comprehend what shading’s plate has a place with which official/authority. If no than this article will help you in such manner.

Red Colour Number Plates

Red Number Plates

This sort of plate is utilised for the President of India and Governors of different states. In such vehicles, the permit number is supplanted by the “Symbol of India”. It is imperative to make reference to here that the number plate of Prime Minister of India’s vehicle is of white tone, similar to an everyday people’s vehicle.

Blue Number Plates

Blue Number Plates

The blue number plate is given to a vehicle that is utilized by unfamiliar agents/ambassdors. The number is composed on this plate by the white ink. This plate utilizes code of the country the negotiators has a place with rather than code of the province of India. These kinds of plates are utilized by unfamiliar government offices or unfamiliar ambassadors.

White Colour Plate

White Number Plates

In the event that the number is composed with a dark ink on a white number plate, it implies that the vehicle has a place with a typical resident. It is worth to make reference to that the vehicle bearing the white number plate can’t be utilised for business purposes. It implies that you can’t recruit travelers or cargo from this vehicle.

Yellow Colour Plate

If the quantity of vehicle is composed with a dark ink on a yellow plate, at that point such vehicle is known as a business vehicle. This sort of shading you have found in the truck/taxi and so on This kind of vehicle can be utilised for conveying travellers or cargo (i.e. Uber and Ola taxis or trucks and transports). It is required for all truck/cabbies to have a business driving permit to drive such business vehicles.

Military Vehicles

Military vehicles follow a novel numbering framework not at all like some other tag numbers. The numbers are enlisted under the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. Firstly, The principal/third character is an upward-pointing bolt, known as a Broad Arrow, utilised in numerous pieces of the British Commonwealth. Secondly, the two digits succeeding the bolt show the year wherein the Military obtained the vehicle. This sort of number plate has 11 digits.

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