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The World’s First ID 4 Electric Vehicle To Be Launched In US

by CarMyCar Desk
world's first ID electric vehicle launched

After a huge success of ID 3 compact electric car in America. The automobile giant Volkswagen is all set to launch the ID 4 compact crossover SUV which seems to be larger than the earlier one.

This car is going to be the world’s first ID electric vehicle. Earlier before the cancellation by the Geneva motor, the ID 4 remained like a digital prototype form.

first ID electric car

However, initially, the design seems to be inspired by the ID crozz concept and carries many of its forebear concepts like swooping shoulder line and the militant mug.

The crossover has a more traditional wagon shape which will give more room for cargo. But this is not sure as we may see many coupes like ID 4  in the future. Volkswagen decided to make ID 4 by keeping the Americans in the mind (to be mentioned not Europe and China).

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Due to these facts, the crossover electrically enabled SUV is the first vehicle to be built on the MEB platform. The MEB platform will be offered by Volkswagen for the electric division of the company.

There will be a space for the battery below the passenger’s compartment. This feature of the new SUV has caused it to have a low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution. The ID 4 is the first vehicle to have a motor in the rear axle. But when ID 4 will be launched in the US market then it will surely be powered by a more powerful all-wheel variant.

ID 4 electric car

However, from the company’s end, the news is not confirmed whether the American ID 4 will have an all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive. However, the American ID 4 crossover SUV can be launched by the end of the year 2020. The very first initiation of the building the ID4 is at Chattanooga Tennessee plant, however, till complete manufacturing the leading automobile brand that is the “Volkswagen” will continue to import the model from Europe to the United States of America.

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