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What’s Next for Upcoming Jaguar? Here’s What We Know

by Navyatha Sandiri
Upcoming Jaguar

UpcomingJaguar has showcased its commitment to electric vehicles with the introduction of the Jaguar I-PACE, an all-electric SUV that features a sleek and aerodynamic design. It is possible that future Jaguar models will continue to embrace electric powertrains and incorporate design elements that reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation

Jaguar Land Rover unveiled a new company strategy dubbed “Reimagine.” Although the strategy calls for considerable changes for Land Rover, they are minor in comparison to those that will be made for Jaguar, which JLR plans to rethink from virtually the bottom up.

Since that statement, JLR has kept quiet on Jaguar initiatives. Here is a summary of what we do know so far, though.

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By 2025, Jaguar will only be electric vehicles.

By 2025, Jaguar will switch to producing only electric vehicles, with a nearly entirely new line-up. Jaguar’s current internal combustion engine lineup will be discontinued. A replacement for the XJ sedan that was almost ready for production was also already scrapped by Jaguar. The only contemporary vehicle that endures into 2025 is probably the I-Pace EV.

With three new SUVs, Jaguar will relaunch.

Autocar reports that Jaguar will debut three (or really two) brand-new electric SUV models. The smaller one, which is positioned as two distinct SUVs, will be offered for sale in two- and four-door variations. It will have AWD versions with a single motor and two motors. A larger four-door SUV with a dual-motor AWD drivetrain will join it.

To differentiate themselves from Land Rover, the cars are anticipated to be sportier and more obviously road-going. Additionally, according to Motor Trend, the larger flagship Jaguar model might keep the XJ designation.

Now one of four JLR brands, Jaguar

The phrase “Jaguar Land Rover” is no longer used. The business announced plans to change its name to JLR. Jaguar will be one of four divisions in a House of Brands approach that also includes the Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery ranges.

For Jaguar, such relocation might make some sense. Ranger Rover, Defender, and Discovery would probably be the more inexpensive EVs, while Ranger Rover would probably be the luxury EV. Jaguar might be able to fill that gap with sportier choices.

New EVs from Jaguar will be built on an in-house platform

As many business analysts predicted, Jaguar won’t purchase a platform for a third party to save money. The new cars will instead function on an internal electric vehicle platform called “Panthera,” which will be created in collaboration with Magna. Expect high-end EVs to emerge in 2025 with 800-volt charging, advanced cloud infrastructure, and everything else they require.

Expect Jaguar to go dramatically upmarket

Jaguar appears to be nearing the end of its sub-$50,000 car sales. According to Autocar, the smaller SUV from Jaguar may have a starting price in the £80,000 to £90,000 area, or roughly $100 to $110,000 in American dollars. The cost of premium models might reach $150,000. Furthermore, the larger SUV’s starting price of $150,000 can rise to $250,000, making it competitive with luxury vehicles like Bentley. The I-Pace would become the base Jaguar model at that price.

If the project is a success, simplifying the lineup and charging more would probably increase Jaguar’s profitability.

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When will the new Jaguar cars be available?

It appears that you are talking about Jaguar’s move towards electric vehicles. Jaguar, according to Autocar, prefers to show off its transition to electricity through physical prototypes as opposed to making formal declarations. Because of this, the company might wait to reveal its plans until it has an aesthetically appealing prototype that closely resembles a ready-to-produce electric vehicle. However, it is important to keep in mind that until late 2024, when the showy prototype is anticipated to be unveiled, more information about Jaguar’s electric car plan may be divulged or leaked.

These Jaguar alterations are all permanent, then? Not exactly

After barely two years in charge, Thierry Bolore, the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, who was driving all these significant reforms, recently announced his resignation. Right now, the interim CEO of JLR is the company’s CFO.

Almost often, projects, goals, and schedules change when new management is introduced. Jaguar might increase its scope, or JLR’s owners, the Tata Group, might decide to discontinue Jaguar entirely and concentrate on its three Land Rover brands.