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Volvo XC20 Electric SUV For launch – Hyundai Kona EV Rival

by Navyatha Sandiri

Volvo XC20 Electric SUV is expected to launch an all-new XC40 Recharge in fully electric and plug-in hybrid configurations in global markets as well as India.

Volvo is expanding its plans to extend its portfolio of electric vehicles (EVs) with potential electric transversals. Earlier, it was clear to the Swedish carmaker that their entire line-up would become totally electric until 2030. The company plans to convert half of its total volume of sales to fully electric cars.

The teaser image shows the future range of electric SUVs in the range of the XC100 flagship of the company. In addition, trademarks for entry-level models such as XC10 and XC20, which would be fully electrical cross-over systems underneath the electric XC40, have also been submitted.

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The brand-new Volvo XC20 Electric SUV EV XC20

While Volvo has not confirmed any developments, it showed positively that the next major launch of the XC20 will be it’s next. The Swedish brand had confirmed earlier that this new electrical crossover is being supported by its parent company Geely’s new pure electric platform. At the 2020 Beijing Car Show, called Sustainable Experience Architecture, the Chinese manufacturer unveiled a pure computer-specific architecture that underlines the Lynk & Co Zero Concept (SEA).

XC40 is currently supported by the CMA platform, a combined platform for EVs and combustion-engineered motor cars which is not particularly appropriate for smaller cars. In China, however, SEA was developed from materials from the Chinese supply, making the car very economically viable.

It would also use a battery smaller than XC40 charging that would provide sufficient power to cover around 350 km of single-charge range. After its debut, Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro will compete on international markets directly. More details should be provided in the coming months.


Flagship New Volvo XC20 Electric SUV XC100

Meanwhile, the next flagship electric SUV-XC100 will be added to the Volvo line-up. The next-generation SUV is expected to debut in 2022 and will be based on the second generation of its existing large-car platform, the SPA2. Volvo will build more cars on this new platform than its current SUV XC90 flagship. With the new SPA2, models up to 5.5 meters long could be supported. As for the XC100, its length is about 300 mm and is considerably more than the BMW X7 and Mercedes Benz GLS, with a long wheelbase and a very spacious boot layout.

It is available both in fully electric and in hybrid plug-in powertrains while a mild-hybrid powertrain can also be offered in lower speed trimming. It will exclusively be sold in the US, China and Europe in larger and developed car markets “as read and reported by www.rushlane.com”.