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Volkswagen Polo Comfortline TSI automatic launched at Rs 8.51 lakh.

by Navyatha Sandiri

Whereas most carmakers in India are releasing brand-new or heavily updated models, Volkswagen has not done so with Polo. The German automaker’s most popular Volkswagen Polo Comfortline and an in-demand vehicle in the country is still sold in its outdated fifth-generation form. While it isn’t the most brilliant or all-around package, the outgoing Polo is still one of the best driver’s cars in its class. As a result, it makes sense for Volkswagen India to keep the hatchback in the news in any way it can. In this case, the company accomplished this by introducing the Polo Comfortline TSI automatic model.

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In the middle of the Polo lineup is the newly released Comfortline TSI automatic, reflected by its cost mark. The Comfortline Trimester may be less expensive than its Highline Plus counterpart for Rs 8.51 Lakh (non-metallic paints) and Rs 8.61 Lakh (metallic paints), up to Rs 1.09 Lakh. Furthermore, if you purchase the new Polo Comfortline Tsi before the end of the month, Volkswagen will offer you it between Rs 8.34 lakh (non-metallic paint) and Rs 8.44 lakh at a discounted price (metallic paint). Naturally, contact a certified VW dealer before you make your reservation.

We are excited to announce for our distinguished customers in India the introduction of a new range of products into the Polo family, Comfortline TSI AT. The Polo continues to be a strong competitor in our segment, with which we will continually work with customers through remarkable improvement in our flagship model and provide secure and thoroughly German-engineered products with fun to drive expertise.”

So what do you get from purchasing the new automatic Polo Comfortline TSI? First of all, a Blaupunkt 7-inch music system comes with this variant. This audio system not only has an adequate touchscreen head unit but is also 0.5 inches wider than the one in the Highline Plus variant than the simpler 2-DIN audio system found in the old Comfortline. That said, either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is still not supported by the Blaupunkt system on the Comfortline TSI automatic. This version, on the other hand, now comes with automatic climate control, which was previously unique to the Highline Plus.

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Customers can choose from five colors – Candy White, Carbon Steel, Flash Red, Sunset Red. Before this latest update, the rest of Comfortline TSI is exactly the same. The Volkswagen Polo is powered, as indicated on the TSI badge, by the 1.0-liter turbo-loaded three-cylinder petrol engine that produces a torque of 108hp and 175Nm. A 6-speed automatic gearbox converter is attached to the peppy engine. Now, the cheapest version of the Polo lineup is also available. The new TSI automatic Polo Comfortline will surely increase Volkswagen’s sales in India “as read and reported by www.cars24.com”.