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Volkswagen hinted at upcoming ID.3 enhancements.

by Navyatha Sandiri

Volkswagen’s electric car lineup’s second-generation models are presently being released, demonstrating that the company has expanded sufficiently and is attentive to client feedback. VW has hinted at a makeover of the ID.3 that improves the technology while addressing criticisms of the current model. The “mature” design of the small EV now allegedly features a sharper appearance and better inside materials. There are two cupholders in the center console, a larger 12-inch infotainment touchscreen, and a detachable luggage compartment floor, among other important improvements.

– A new design that incorporates customer input

– No products originating from animals

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The second-generation Volkswagen ID3, which is scheduled to go on sale in 2019, has been formally teased. Every comment VW has received since the launch of the ID sub-brand will be incorporated into the next-generation electric supermini with the first significant update for the ID3.

Volkswagen shared some startling photographs. Although the new ID.3 is relatively similar to the previous iteration, it appears to have incorporated more aggressive aesthetic cues from the Cupra Born platform. The heads-up display in the renders is perhaps the most eye-catching feature, but the front section’s smoother appearance is certainly a welcome aesthetic improvement.

In addition to the eye-catching visuals, VW described a few improvements coming to the ID.3. The ID.3 will eventually be able to receive OTA updates, have a larger 12-inch center screen, and have an enhanced software user interface. These changes were prioritized over hardware and interior tech upgrades. VW also pledges to enhance the functionality of its technology and its software generally. There was no mention of the new car’s performance capabilities in the press release, prompting some to wonder whether there would be any technological advancements with this version.

In addition to being produced at the Zwickau and Dresden plants, the next-generation ID3 will extend its production line to the Wolfsburg factory to continue on the MEB platform. Technical information about the battery pack and modified powertrain will undoubtedly become available in the first few months of 2019. Volkswagen is evaluating the ID4 for the Indian market, but we still do not anticipate the ID3 arriving on our shores.

Technology can be the focal point. VW emphasizes that the new ID.3 would utilize the “latest” software platform from the firm, which improves the occasionally sluggish performance and permits over-the-air updates. Additionally, it will take into account feature updates including simpler paid EV charging, adaptive lane guidance, and parking assists.

The ID.3 will start being produced in Wolfsburg, Germany, starting in 2023, in addition to the German facilities in Zwickau and Dresden. The choice was made in response to the high level of consumer demand for the little electric hatchback. The redesigned model is already available for purchase in Germany in pre-configured Life, Business, Style, Max, and Tour flavors for a starting price of €43,995.

Volkswagen’s release of the new ID.3 coincides with an odd event. The firm is rethinking the construction of a new production plant that may help with the company’s move to electric vehicles, despite having recently sold 500,000 ID electric vehicles worldwide. In addition, the corporation is also investing billions in Powerco, a subsidiary that produces batteries, in the hopes of turning it into a “global battery champion.”

Many analysts are uncertain about the future of the VW Group as a whole. VW does not devote as much time to EV launch and production as many of its competitors do because it still has reservations. This is particularly evident in the US, where VW has only released one electric car, the ID.4, which hasn’t exactly been a huge hit.

Opinions of VW may alter when it transitions to its next generation of EVs and starts launching new, much-awaited EV cars. VW still needs to do a lot of work to win over customers who frequently perceive its cars as being less advanced in technology and more expensive than those of rivals.

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It is unclear which markets will receive the new EV. However, as before, we wouldn’t anticipate an ID.3 launch in North America. In this market, VW continues to concentrate on crossovers and SUVs like the ID.4, and its nascent Chattanooga EV facility will continue to build up output until 2023. However, it will be worthwhile to have a look at the second-gen ID.3 to get a glimpse of what to expect from upgrades of those models that do cross the Atlantic. They might not be whole reinventions, but they ought to perform better in the face of Ford, Nissan, and other fierce competitors.