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How Is The New Volkswagen Amarok 2020!

by Siddheswar Ojha
new volkswagen amarok 2020

The German automobile giant, Volkswagen has released the design sketch of the all-new Amarok. This design looks similar to the design of Ford’s next-generation ranger.

The vehicle has got a muscular appearance, also it has a front fascia design which looks quite similar to the ATLAS TANAKA pickup concept. The vehicle is seen to have a bulging hood and a front bumper. This vehicle has also got the chunky fender flares as same as the Ford Bronco had.

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As the American publication Wheel launched the same photograph for Ford’s vehicle(pickup truck). This design might be a technique to gain a potential customer.

volkswagen amarok : new german automobile giant

However, Ford and Volkswagen have already officially teamed up for the manufacturing of light commercial vehicles. This might be a result of that partnership. This vehicle might be powered by the new TDI engine instead of Ford’s EcoBlue line of turbo diesel.

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There haven’t been any special or official announcements from the company’s end, this vehicle might be launched in the year 2022 after a long period of waiting. Let’s see whether we get the same Amarok or both companies launch a somewhat modified design of this version/sketch.

Now let’s see whether it rules the market or not and the dream lovers of Volkswagen and Ford will also be waiting for the price of this vehicle.

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As the price of this vehicle can also play an important role in the success of this vehicle. There are many pickup cars to be launched in the year 2022 so if the company delays to launch the Amarok then also the vehicle loses its success. A proper price tag along with proper placement can make the collaboration win the game and make records.

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