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How long can you Travel without servicing your car?

by Navyatha Sandiri

When was your car last time served? This could’ve been 6 months ago or more than a year ago (that’s not so good). It’s not very good. It is undoubtedly costly to operate a vehicle, but due to the lack of maintenance, the possible costs for damage to the engine, transmission, and suspension are greatly increased.

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Why do you know the owner takes care of a used car you would like to buy? You will see whether it was written off, stolen, or a possible reverse wind odometer, by getting a Car History chart, helping you make an informed decision.

What can happen to a car, if it is not regularly serviced?

And if the service light is not on, you have to support your car daily. With certain older vehicles, you should not go without a service for more than six months1 while modern vehicles will go for around 30,000 kilometers without a service. That said, if just for a few months you drived your car and there is an warning light on the dashboard after your last operation, you shouldn’t ignor it.

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Don’t just leave the engine going when the service is due without changing the oil and required filter. Plus, few people only buy a liter of the bottle to refuel, be careful that your car’s engine is blocked from within gradually. The gradual deterioration of the oil lubrication characteristics over time can lead to a so-called engine seizure.

The oxidation process takes place in the oil naturally. When your engine oil is thick as tar, it’s probably not adjusted for a while and if you don’t adjust it, you run the risk of premature engine failure.

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Regular maintenance of a car is vital.

Daily maintenance is other than ensuring that the car is street lawful1. Mechanics verify that your signals function, that your pneumatics and cars are safe, but that the safety of the car is tested by the service. For example, a service warns you if your suspension gets cracky or wear-out to replace the right pieces.

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For just a few hundred dollars a regular service could have solved the problem.

Service can also detect hidden motor damage that does not necessarily affect your car driving capability. You can seriously damage your head gasket or pistons if you drive your car with little or no oil during a longer period of time, and repairs can take a small fortune when they fail. Not a great deal if the problem could have been resolved for a few hundred dollars by regular service.

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Will you have to buy a car that’s not serviced regularly?

While it is true that routine car maintenance is necessary, you may find a car that hasn’t been driven and serviced much. A mechanic will give you the best idea if a vehicle is worth the price you are asking for, but it’s best to keep to cars with safe (and historic) safety statements.