Home Travelogue Toyota Sequoia diaries- A Road Trip To Lonavala

Toyota Sequoia diaries- A Road Trip To Lonavala

by Sweeta Gupta
Toyota Sequoia diaries- A Road Trip To Lonavala

It was my first road trip to lonavala with my family . This toyota sequoia diaries will take you through major points of interest in lonavala. So let’s start our journey.

Lonavala Bushy dam- A place to visit in monsoon

Our first visit was the bushy dam of lonavala. There are two routes to the dam, one is from Lonavala side and another is from Ambapali. We chose to go down the Lonavala side.

The natural surroundings are the most attractive beauty of this place. My dad parked the toyota sequoia car after that we spend 2 to 3 hours over there. It was indeed a fun place to hang out.

We decided to take a light lunch before heading towards the dam. So we stopped by at this small restaurant named “kailash kadai”.The restaurant was famous for its ice golas.

After having our lunch we relished some of the ice golas. On top of this dam we had find a lovely river side view, but one should be careful of the nearby waterfall.

It was really an amazing experience to spend the whole afternoon in this dam.

The Tiger Point Of Lonavala:

Our next route is the tiger point. A beautiful view from the Tiger Point. This was one of the best places we hung out for a long time. It was really a memorable place to visit in lonavala.

Toyota Sequoia diaries- A Road Trip To Lonavala journey of lonavala

For this, we had to climb down some 200 steps for getting into this point. The place is surrounded by dense forest area which adds to the beauty of this spot.

All along with the rocky formations and waterfall we had spend some time just lying on the rocks and just enjoyed the evening breeze coming from all directions.

It was really an amazing feeling standing on those rocks and relaxing in solitude. Our toyota sequoia didn’t cause any inconvenience over there. The best part of this place was the view of the tiger point from the other side.

There was few small to medium hotels in this area. Also, there was many picnic sites and hotels which provide free accommodation and food in these picnic areas.

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Monsoon lake of Lonavala:

A place where you can get the best view of lonavala during monsoon.This place is surrounded by small hills and beautiful forests.There are three lakes in this town named as: Monsoon lake, Sunrise lake and Western lake.

We spent around 2 to 3 hours in this area and enjoyed the lovely sunsets of the Monsoon lake. We also enjoyed sight-seeing over there as different species of birds were spotted.

There was no sound of traffic or any kind of crowd around there. It was pretty much peaceful. It was the place we celebrated my brother’s birthday with some lovely ice golas and a cake.

Karla- Bhaja Caves:

These are the cave temples which is around 40kms away from lonavala. It was another one of the holiday places we visited during our trip to lonaval.

The place gets really busy by 9am as people starts visiting these caves in huge numbers also some tour operators are operating their tours for a fixed fee, so it’s always better to reach at least 2 hours before they start their tours and get a clear vision of the caves.

We got sufficient time as our car was a toyota sequoia and we could easily go off roading wherever required with this car.

After giving our entry fee to the gate keepers, we walked in and started climbing downwards. It was a wonderful experience for us to step in those caves and feel the cool temperature of water coming from the cave and wee had also different types of stalactites hanging on the ceiling.

Overall experience of Lonavala trip:

Toyota Sequoia diaries- A Road Trip To Lonavala

We have visited a lot of places in lonavala and we loved the place and the people who were living there. Our trip to lonavala was really fulfilling as we got to know new places and some more exciting things which we would definitely love to visit again.

Our road trip to lonavala in toyota sequoia diaries was an unforgettable moment for me and my family. We were satisfied with our trip and it definitely was worth the money.

Moreover, I would like to say that we were really lucky to have got a 2 years old toyota sequoia rental car which could go off road without any trouble.

So do not think that lonavala is a crowded place, most of the time you will find it quite easy to get a great experience in Lonavala.