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Toyota Fortuner Legender preparing for launching coming in early 2021

by Navyatha Sandiri

Toyota is in the process of planning for the launch of the next Toyota Fortuner Legender in India. The significantly updated version of the famous Fortuner, scheduled to land mostly during early 2021, will have a new appearance, a new range of features and a more powerful diesel engine, combined with an updated off-road package.

  • Facelifted Toyota Fortuner Legend and Toyota Fortuner to be sold side by side
  • Toyota Fortuner Legender is going to get more kit, put a rung above Fortuner.
  • Both are uprated by 204hp 2.8 turbo diesel.

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What’s a Toyota Fortuner Legender? Is that going to replace the regular Fortuner?

Toyota’s Fortuner Legender is a more advanced variant of Toyota’s Fortuner. Not only does it have more tools, as facelifts usually do, Legender still gets a whole new look. In fact, the nose is totally modified, and the SUV still looks a little different from the rear. The Legender, though, is not going to replace the Fortuner. To be sold side by side, but at a premium, the Legender would be sitting above the regular Fortuner.

How is the Toyota Fortuner Legender different from the usual Fortuner?

While the usual Fortuner will also have a slight facelift, with only minor improvements taking place, the Legender will have an all-new nose. It’s sharper and more rakish looking upfront the bumper line is considerably higher, the deep jet fighter engine intake-like fog lamp ‘enclosures’ looks sexy, and what adds to the drama is the wide intake area under the bumper. Dramatically, the Toyota logo has been shifted down to the bumper, resting at a  jaunty angle. To add definition, there are new sharp-looking white LED headlights that look more Lexus than Toyota, with their individual components and dual projectors clearly visible, and they are also lowered by swiping or sequential LED turn signals.

In addition, there are new 20-inch wheels and other minor improvements to the rear bumper. Within, you’ll get a wider 9.0-inch screen, 360-degree reversing camera, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging, and two-tone seats as well. Top-of-the-line models could also be fitted with a lane departure warning system, radar-guided cruise control and a Hilux-like wheel orientation tracker for off-road driving.


Can the Fortuner Legender be granted a more powerful engine?

Toyota will boost the output of its 2.8-liter diesel engine to 204hp and 500Nm of torque. The major torque hit arrives from only 1,600 rpm, and what’s cool is that the torque curve stays steady to 2,800 rpm. The improvement in power and torque is mainly accomplished by means of a variable turbo nozzle, which is powered by an electric motor for higher performance. Toyota’s 2.8v GD diesel engine, manufactured in India, will not be sold solely to Legender and is likely to fuel the daily Fortuner as well. While Innova can deliver a 2.4 engine generating 150hp and 400Nm of torque, it is not clear if the Toyota is again available for sale at Fortuner in India, as in some other markets.

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How much more expensive is going to be Fortuner Legender?

While the top Fortuner retail outlets for Rs 34.43 lakh are expected to begin the prices for the latest Fortuner Legender for Rs 43 lakh approximately. This will put it at a substantial premium over other large body-on-frame SUVs in its class, such as the Ford Endeavor and the MG Gloster, some of which-the MG-are better suited.