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Top 7 best cars for a road trip to the mountains

by Navyatha Sandiri

Tackling the great outdoors is an enjoyable road trip if you know the right direction, and just as importantly, the right clothing. The days of vigorous do-it-yourself actions are not over, but it is important to take adventure seriously, and that means to be ready for any terrain.

You need to get there first before you take the first step up a cliff. Half of the joy of alpine and exploration is with the cars that you will have.

These 7 vehicles are the perfect option for your outdoor road trip to the mountains since the first move on your outdoor journey is not on the ground – it’s on a gas pedal.

Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado

One of the best-selling pickups in the world is the Chevy Silverado. This ride is sure to get you where you are with ease with a four-speed automatic shift under the hood. The entire bed is simple and comfortable enough to store all your toys for the weekend, while the interior is planned for convenience. Two ports, anti-lock braking, air conditioning, and tire pressure displays are featured in this vehicle. The Silverado 2010, also supports MP3, and your buddies will be amazed by its remote starting system.

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Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback-road-trip

The Subaru Outback 2011 is fitted with a comfortable interior that is easy to clean and has immaculate visibility. It has a high degree of cargo space at its back intersection and is one of the most convenient crossings on the market. Subaru Outback’s versatility, resale value, and weather-friendly drivetrain are regarded for good cause (AWD). If you take the family dog on a nature walk or pack the family and campground for a weekend, this trip is one of the most flexible mountain vehicles. To complete it the rear seats of the Outback fold down to provide adequate room for two people.

Land Rover Range Rover

Mountain cars can be a little handy, so the Land Rover Range Rover could be your trip if you’re trying to make your journey at higher altitudes in a theme. Possibly one of the better models in the Land Rover line in 2014. It’s a perfect blend of off-road and highway cruising. You can easily navigate any weekend challenges with a field reaction system on board. Although it is one of the most expensive choices on this list, note the four kit options for this model. No matter which model you pick, the navigation system, touchscreens, leather accents, and a premium sound system have become standard features for every model.

Ford Expedition

road trip

For a packed ride into the mountains, the Ford Adventure seats up to nine people. This standard comes with a V8, 5.4-liter engine, which is especially good for growing families. Built-in the USA, you can cruise around in the form of an automatic transmission that can handle a lot of wear and tear. The adventure makes a perfect pick as one of the heaviest mountain vehicles on this list for those who prefer traveling in snow and slush. And if it doesn’t support the engine, the heavier structure holds passengers securely underneath. Don’t let the scale fool you however, for beach days the expedition also makes you a perfect buddy.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has eight seats and comes standard with just over 380 horsepower. The interior room is where the car truly shines. It blends the spaciousness of a minivan with the luxury hints of a sedan. The V8 comes with a four-wheel drive and is capable of handling 8.500 pounds. The off-road performance is stellar. And on-board equipment makes drivers happy. The third-row seats are divided 50/50, which makes for innovative combinations. The Land Cruiser also comes with Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension Mechanism, which works hard to keep all four tires on the ground at all times.


Honda CRV

The Honda CRV 2004 is a popular choice both in terms of fuel efficiency and passenger volume. It will seat up to 5 people and is 22 miles per gallon in combination. Designed in Japan, it is fitted with a 2.4-liter VTEC engine and a 4-cylinder automatic transmission. The interior space was well planned, considering its compact dimensions. The CRV has a high market value and five-star crash rating that make this category a popular attribute.

BMW 3 Series


The 2007 BMW 3 Series has a strong reputation as a computer vehicle, so it might not be one that you immediately equate with mountain driving. The amount of strength and power that comes out of this sedan is enough to arouse any skeptics. The balance of comfort and convenience can be seen in every detail of the BMW. The BMW 3 Series is capable of handling a range of environmental conditions from the expertly tuned suspension kit to the ABS and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) brakes. This German-made vehicle also appeals to the hearts of automobile lovers and will win you a few bonus points on the hill.