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Cop’s Official Challenge: Talking on Bluetooth/hands-free in a car is illegal.

by Navyatha Sandiri
Cop's Official Challenge

Speaking on the phone while driving was now for many years illegal in India. Talking on Bluetooth/Handsfree in the car is illegal. However, since there is no mention of Bluetooth or handsfree devices under the official rule, most motorists use that when they drive. The cop’s official challenge decided to reserve anyone who speaks on the phone while driving with a hands-free device.

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This development comes from Kerala, where the police don’t consider using Bluetooth or a hands-free device to talk during driving on the phone. The police say that talking on the phone can stop your licence and it’s true to speak on hands-free devices too.

If you get a cop talking with, or without, a hands-free device on the phone, the cop will be able to suspend your licence except by issuing a challán for the offence. Although the cops can officially challenge you and take action, real life will be extremely difficult.

With almost all modern cars standard with Bluetooth infotainment systems, it’s very difficult to find someone who speaks while driving on the phone. That is why the engine department or MVD urged engineers not to use Bluetooth equipment to speak on the phone while driving.

When the lockdown has been lifted, more people have been released, and the number of accidents in the state is increasing. Therefore, the cops are now implementing the rule, notified back in 2019.

In 2019, MVD reported the rule

In 2019, MVD cited Rule 21(25) of the MV Act 2019, Central Motor Vehicle, which prohibits speech on Bluetooth devices. The High Court of Kerala itself passed a verdict.

The Kerala High Court ruled that the police cannot file a complaint against a driver while speaking on the phone. The HC said the law does not prohibit the use during the operation of mobile phones.

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Talking on Bluetooth/Handsfree in car is illegal

Conversation on the phone can distract you

It’s distracting to talk on your phones, irrespective of the use of Bluetooths or free devices. Speaking with your hands on your telephone takes you off the road and you don’t have to think quickly if anything goes wrong on the way. Texting can be even more dangerous while driving.

Even if you do not have a phone and use a Bluetooth device, your mind can walk around and turn off the road. It can result in crashes “as read and reported by www.cartoq.com”.