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Soon Yamuna Expressway in under 99 mins to be fined for flouting the speed limit

by Navyatha Sandiri
Yamuna Expressway

There is a continuous increase in the number of Yamuna Expressway accidents. Yamuna Expressway in under 99 mins to be fined. Despite all the authorities’ efforts, people die each day in accidents. Yamuna Development Authority has made further efforts to prevent these accidents. Yamuna Expressway Authority has introduced a new rule to prevent an accident on Yamuna Expressway.

The authorities have introduced a new rule for controlling the number of accidents on the Yamuna Expressway due to over-speed. In more than 99 minutes, cars must complete the journey by expressway and heavy vehicles must take longer than 124 minutes. Vehicles completing the trip in advance will receive a penalty via an online challan.

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In accordance with the rules, this distance of 165 km of highway will need to be completed in 99 minutes, that is 1.39 hours. When it is less than this time, the trip is finished then all right. Similarly, time for heavy vehicles has also been fixed to complete the journey.

In an interaction, CEO Yamuna Authority Arunveer Singh said: All the work is on Yamuna Expressway safety measures. It’s going to do whatever is better. Right now the work is being carried out to install barriers on the crash beam on both sides of the divider”

The government will install time stalls at Jewar and Agra sections of the expressway to track how long drivers spend on the road.

Authorities previously assessed how much time it takes a car to drive between 2 toll booths to determine whether the speed is required.

After the time booth is installed, it is known which vehicle has embarked on the expressway when and according to them, if the speed standards have been found to be violating, the challans are issued.

The Yamuna expressway can be used for light vehicles at a speed of 100 km/hour. Because of the distance between two toll rolls, Yamuna Expressway Management fines motors, and if someone is more quickly than a fixed limit they are fined. This facturation is made online.

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The Yamuna expressway prevents Rash Driving and Accidents

The new system will punish drivers if they travel less than 165 kilometers across the highway. Once the time stand is set up, experts say that people travel within the prescribed limit and accidents can be curbed.

Live Hindustan reported that a Gujarat-based company is installing crash barriers on both sides of its Yamuna Expressway divider. The obstacles prevent a vehicle from entering the other lane in case of an accident and reduce the scale of the occurrence.

According to Live Hindustan, vehicles involved in the expressway accident will also be displayed to remind people about the risks of over-speed.

The Yamuna Expressway has caused thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths. The alarming number of Yamuna Expressway accidents prompted experts to request the Center and the state government to intervene effectively.

The new system requires you to pay the penalty if you cross the 165 km long expressway, which is less than the time specified.