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Latest Petrol hikes Rs 100 a liter in Delhi, joins Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata

by Navyatha Sandiri
Petrol hikes

The price increase for fossil fuels continues unabated. Petrol hikes Rs 100 a litre in Delhi. The latest news is that the Rs100-a-liter mark has been crossed by oil in the capital city. At Rs 100.21 a litre, an engineman in Delhi is today pumping oil.

With this, Delhi is joining major metro towns like Mumbai (Rs 106.25); Chennai (101-06) and Kolkata (Rs 100.23). 41 days after Mumbai crossed it on May 29, 2021, Delhi notes this new ‘milestone.’

Petrol and diesel price increased today: on Wednesday 7 July 2021, petrol and diesel prices rose following a one day gap that hit the country’s new record high. Petroleum price violated Rs 100 per litre mark in the national capital after it rose 35 and diesel increased to 17.

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After the latest revision in the price, petrol is now being sold in Delhi at Rs 100.21, while diesel fuel is sold at Rs 89.53. The financial capital of Mumbai, which has been available on the Indian Oil Corporation’s website, now includes the tank price of Rs 106.25 and the diesel cost of Rs 97.09.

This represents the fourth increase in petroleum prices this month, with the diesel price rising twice in July. In June, both oil and diesel prices rose 16 times after the 16 rises in May. Prices have risen since 4 May, following the resumption of price revisions by petrol marketing companies (OMCs), ending with a hiatus of 18 days coinciding with the elections in five key states. During this time, the price of petrol increased in New Delhi by Rs 9.81 and diesel by Rs 8.80.

The recent rise since 4 May has brought petrol prices to the rs 100-pro-litre mark, including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Ladakh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Kerala, Punjab, Sikkim, Delhi and West Bengal.

The first state capital in May, Bhopal, which was followed by Jaipur and Mumbai, was petrol. In June, they were also joined by Hyderabad and Bengaluru, then by Patna and Thiruvananthapuram. This month too, Chennai joined the list and Delhi and Kolkata today, Rs 100.21 and Rs 100.23, respectively, have reached a psychological milestone with petrol retailing.

Petrol and diesel in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan district, are the country’s highest oil and gas prices, with Rs11.50 per litre. Diesel touched on the three-character mark in June. The Indian Oil statistics showed, that currently is sold on Rs 102.78 per litre. Petrol is now priced at Rs 111.10 per litre in the Madhya Pradesh district of Anuppur and at Rs 100.69 for diesel.

Petrol hikes Rs 100 a liter in Delhi

The prices are dependent upon local taxes (VAT) and freight charges in India and differ from state to state. Besides that, a tax on automobile fuels is charged by the central government.

The OMCs review the daily diesel and petrol rates based on an average international benchmark fuel price of the previous 15 days, as well as foreign exchange prices.

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Internationally, crude oil prices stayed on Wednesday, following a steep decline in the preceding sitting, following cancellation of talks between OPEC+ producers which raised the prospect of major international oil exporters taping into market share, Reuters news agency said earlier.

After falling by more than 3 per cent on Tuesday Brent crude was up by 3 cents at $74.56 a barrel by 0115, GMT. The report said that US oil increased by 7 cents to 73.44 dollars a barrel, decreasing more than 2 per cent at the last session “as read and reported by indianexpress.com”.

This is what you paid in your city for one litre of petrol and diesel on Wednesday 7 July 2021:

CityPetrol (Rs/litre)Diesel (Rs/litre)
New Delhi100.2189.53