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Okinawa to Launch A 100 km / h Top Speed Electric Motorcycle, 150 km Range

by Navyatha Sandiri

Okinawa recently announced the launch of its first Oki100 electric motorcycle in the third quarter of the FY2020-21 season. The concept was displayed at Auto Expo 2018.

Until now, Okinawa has only produced electric scooters. Now the company expects to bring its first electric motorcycle, the Oki100, to FY2020-21 for the third quarter. It will be a highly localized product and is in line with the vision of ‘Make in India’ by PM Modi. They might be able to thwart the notion that electric vehicles are boring even further with the launch of Oki100.


Oki100 was presented at the Auto Expo 2018 for the first time and attracted a considerable amount of attention. It looked like a mini naked roadster and packed a 2.5 kW lithium-ion battery. The results are quite impressive as it has 100 km / h high speed. The prototype also had a range of 150 km / charge, which is quite impressive in terms of the total performance offered. All parts of the electric motorcycle are produced in India, the only exception being battery cells. The Oki100 can be priceed aggressively with a heavy location.

The prototype shown at the 2018 Auto Expo had some high-end cycle parts, including inverted forks, monoshock and disk brakes on either end. We just hope they will be brought forward by Okinawa in the production version too. Okinawa has also said it plans to supply its customers with 100% of localized two-wheeled electric motorcycles and the Oki100 will be the first product in this range.

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“We welcome ‘vocal for locals’ vision from PM Modi,” said Jeetender Sharma, Okinawa’s Executive Director. Okinawa has announced a 100 percent “Make in India” electric bike to accelerate the same. Okinawa currently offers maximum electric vehicle localisation, which is 88 percent. With our upcoming electric bike, we are up to 100 percent of the location level. All components of the electric motorcycle will be manufactured and supplied by local suppliers. We expect this to boost the domain of local suppliers and inspire all EV start-ups to go ‘Vocal for local’.

Oki100 will directly compete with the Revolt RV400 at a top speed of 100kph and an impressive riding range. The future of electric mobility in India certainly looks promising with electric vehicles like Oki100 “as reported by motoroids.com”.