Home Car News New Volkswagen Virtus 1.5 TSI Manual Launched at Rs 16.89 Lakh

New Volkswagen Virtus 1.5 TSI Manual Launched at Rs 16.89 Lakh

by Navyatha Sandiri
Volkswagen Virtus

Volkswagen Introduces Six-Speed Manual Option for Virtus Sedan 1.5 TSI Variants

Volkswagen Virtus 1.5 TSI Manual Now Available at Rs 16.89 Lakh Ex-Showroom

New GT Plus Variants of Volkswagen Taigun SUV Launched with Manual and DSG Automatic Gearboxes

Volkswagen Taigun GT Plus Variants: Manual and DSG Options Starting from Rs 17.79 Lakh Ex-Showroom

Volkswagen Expands Transmission Options: Virtus Sedan Gets Manual Gearbox, Taigun SUV Adds GT Plus Variants

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Volkswagen has also added unique exterior paint hue options for the Virtus and Taigun range in order to maintain the line-up in the face of newer competition in their respective segments.

  • Introducing the Enhanced Virtus GT Plus: Now with Two Gearbox Options
  • Exciting Additions to the Taigun GT Plus Line-up
  • Introducing the GT Edge Limited Collection with Exclusive Paint Options

Price List of Newly Introduced Virtus and Taigun Variants:

Virtus GT Plus:

Manual Gearbox Option: Rs 16.89 Lakh Ex-Showroom

DSG Automatic Gearbox Option: 18.57 Lakh Ex-Showroom

Taigun GT Plus:

Manual Gearbox Option: Rs. 15.84 Lakh Ex-Showroom

DSG Automatic Gearbox Option: Rs 17.79 Lakh Ex-Showroom

Note: Prices are ex-showroom. Please contact your nearest Volkswagen dealer for exact pricing details.

Volkswagen Introduces Virtus GT Plus MT Variant, Expanding Powertrain Options

Volkswagen has expanded the powertrain options for the Virtus 1.5 GT sedan by introducing a new variant with a six-speed manual gearbox. Previously, the Virtus GT Plus was only available with a 7-speed DCT gearbox in a single fully-loaded trim. With the addition of the manual transmission option, Volkswagen aims to make the 1.5 TSI engine more accessible to a wider audience.

This update brings the Virtus in line with its sister car, the Skoda Slavia, which also offers the same powertrain options. The six-speed manual gearbox provides an engaging driving experience, allowing enthusiasts to have more control over gear shifts and further personalize their driving experience.

By offering the Virtus GT Plus with a manual transmission, Volkswagen provides customers with a broader choice when it comes to selecting their preferred transmission type. This move enables a wider range of drivers to experience the performance and efficiency of the 1.5 TSI engine, enhancing the appeal of the Virtus sedan.

Whether drivers prefer the convenience of an automatic transmission or the involvement of a manual gearbox, the Virtus GT Plus now caters to both preferences, offering a well-rounded package with its powerful engine and dynamic driving characteristics.

Volkswagen Expands Transmission Options for Taigun GT Variants

Volkswagen has introduced new transmission options for the Taigun GT variants, offering customers more choices to suit their preferences. The Taigun 1.5 TSI, which was previously available exclusively with a DSG automatic gearbox in the top-spec GT Plus trim, now also comes with a manual gearbox option in the same trim. This addition provides drivers with the flexibility to enjoy a more engaging driving experience with manual gear shifts.

Furthermore, Volkswagen has extended the availability of the DSG automatic gearbox to the lower GT trim, which was previously only offered with a manual gearbox. This change broadens the options for customers who prefer the convenience and seamless shifting of an automatic transmission, making the more powerful 1.5 TSI engine accessible to a wider audience.

With the introduction of these new transmission options, Volkswagen aims to enhance the appeal of the Taigun GT variants and cater to a broader range of customer preferences. Whether drivers prefer the control of a manual gearbox or the convenience of an automatic transmission, they can now choose the Taigun GT variant that best suits their needs.

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New color shades introduced on both models

Volkswagen has unveiled the GT Edge Limited Collection, a special offering that brings exclusive paint shades to the Taigun GT Plus DSG, Taigun GT Plus MT, Virtus GT Plus DSG, and Virtus GT Plus MT models. Customers now have the option to choose from two new captivating paint shades: Deep Black Pearl and Carbon Steel Grey matte finish.

These unique paint shades add a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to the already sporty and stylish GT Plus variants of both the Taigun and Virtus models. The Deep Black Pearl shade exudes elegance, while the Carbon Steel Grey matte finish offers a more distinctive and contemporary look.

To maintain exclusivity, Volkswagen has made these paint shades available for online booking only. Each vehicle will be manufactured on a made-to-order basis, ensuring that customers receive a personalized vehicle tailored to their preferences. Deliveries for these special editions are scheduled to begin next month.

By introducing the GT Edge Limited Collection, Volkswagen allows customers to further customize their Taigun and Virtus GT Plus models, making a bold statement on the road with the added allure of these new paint shades. Interested buyers are encouraged to visit the Volkswagen website or contact their nearest Volkswagen dealerships for more information on how to book these special edition vehicles.

Certainly! Here’s a table representing the newly introduced color options and their corresponding prices for the Virtus and Taigun models:

Variant Colour Price (in Rs)

Taigun GT Plus MTDeep Black Pearl17.99 lakh
Taigun GT Plus MTCarbon Steel Grey Matte18.19 lakh
Taigun GT Plus DSGDeep Black Pearl19.25 lakh
Taigun GT Plus DSGCarbon Steel Grey Matte19.45 lakh
Virtus variant GT Plus MTDeep Black Pearl17.09 lakh
Virtus GT Plus DSGDeep Black Pearl18.76 lakh