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New Lamborghini Lanzador electric 4 door concept unveiled

by Navyatha Sandiri
Lamborghini Lanzador electric

Lamborghini Lanzador electric, Five years after the launch of the Urus SUV, Lamborghini is reentering the market with the Lanzador, an electrified four-seat GT.

The stunning Lanzador EV, a two-row supercar with a footprint comparable to that of the Porsche Taycan but sitting higher off the ground to increase “versatility,” was unveiled as a concept car at Monterey Car Week in California five years before its intended launch.

The second-generation Urus is an electric vehicle (EV) with an anticipated range of about 480 kilometers.

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Concept for the Lamborghini Lanzador EV: brand positioning

The design was intended to act as a link between the company’s lineup of conventional mid-engined supercars and the Urus. According to the business, it represents a “concrete vision” of Lamborghini’s next new model range, which intends to stay loyal to the company’s DNA by providing “best-in-class sportiveness and fun-to-drive character.”

CEO Stephan Winkelmann responded, “If we enter a new segment – without jeopardizing what you have and without cannibalizing the line-up – it’s a good exercise to prepare the market, When asked why Lamborghini is debuting the new model half a decade before the production car’s expected arrival in showrooms, the company responded, “to let them think about what is coming in the future.”

He continued by saying that the following five years would serve as a helpful respite for Lamborghini, giving it time to gather feedback and devise fresh ideas for giving its electric vehicles a unique identity.

Powertrain, range, and battery specs for the Lamborghini Lanzador EV concept

Regarding the particular technical specifications of the Lanzador, Lamborghini has remained mum and has only made vague references to the car’s performance capabilities. When challenged with a range estimate, Winkelmann responded, “It’s a little early now to fix a number, but for sure 300 miles (480 km), What we’ll need in 2028, I believe, is roughly this.

More significant, he argued, will be the dynamic nature of the production-spec Lanzador, which must stand out visibly from other electric sports cars.

Lamborghini Lanzador EV interior and exterior concepts

The Lanzador maintains Lamborghini’s history of being a “spaceship” for the road in terms of design. The Lanzador is just about 1,500mm tall while being raised higher off the ground than a Huracan or Aventador. The result is that the electric vehicle is around the same height as a Volkswagen Golf, even though Lamborghini refers to the driver as a “pilot” and makes them sit low, “as in a jet.”

The cockpit is divided in half by a center console that houses the “pilot’s unit,” which houses the infotainment system and climate controls. When not in use, a pair of digital displays, one for the driver and one for the passenger, retract into the dashboard.

The upholstery of the cabin is “almost entirely” made of environmentally friendly materials imported from Italy. Merino wool is used for the dash, seats, and door cards; recycled nylon and plastic are combined to make the colored stitching; recycled fibers are used to 3D-print the foam used in the seat bases; and even the convincing carbon-fiber-look panels used throughout the cabin are made of a combination of natural and carbon strands.

‘Emotion’ and sound are featured in the Lamborghini Lanzador EV concept.

Winkelmann claimed that the central idea of these debates has been “emotion.” “There are two types of emotion: sound emotion and performance emotion. As a result, there are two different forms of performance: the emotional side and the purely numerical side (acceleration, top speed, lap time). And for Lamborghini, the emotional component is always significant, he continued.

Winkelmann commented about the noise the Lanzador makes when accelerating: “We are looking into what we can do. There are three options: nothing at all, which, in my opinion, we won’t do; a phony sound; or amplifying the existing sound.

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Plans for future EVs at Lamborghini

Every Lamborghini sold as of right now will be electrified in some fashion. Both the V10 Huracan and the V8 Urus are completely sold out and will be replaced with plug-in hybrids the following year. The Revuelto supercar, which will replace the Aventador, has reservations through 2026.

The second-generation Urus, which will go into production about a year after the Lanzador, has already been announced by Lamborghini. Beyond that, the company has not yet disclosed any specific intentions for fully electrifying its lineup of supercars.

Synthetic fuels, like those being explored by Porsche, a sibling brand, give “an opportunity” to decarbonize the use of these vehicles while maintaining their combustion engines, according to Winkelmann. But he continued, “We’ll have to wait and see. Fortunately, we don’t need to make a decision right away because hybrid models are already in use, giving us a lifecycle to consider. We need to investigate this in three to four years.