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New Hyundai Bayon SUV unveiled

by Navyatha Sandiri

The Hyundai Bayon SUV was unveiled and will initially be available for sale in various international markets as a replacement for the i20 Active. We’re telling you more.

  • Hyundai Bayon is under the Crete and over the Venue.
  • Obtains an unparalleled exterior and greater clearance than the i20
  • Will share many inner pieces from the i20

Hyundai Bayon SUV: where does that stand?

Bayon is a response for the Hyundai group, starting with the Volkswagen T-Cross, Nissan Juke, and Ford Puma, to a long list of cross-country SUVs sold abroad. It is named ‘Bye-Onn’ and inspired by the capital of the Basque Country of France. This model is also known as the ‘Bye-Onn’ model for European customers.

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Hyundai Bayon SUV: platform, exterior and interior

Hyundai Bayon SUV

The Bayon has a unique design, but its basic features are similar to the latest one from Kona. The Bayon has i20. Thin DRLs and headlights in arrow-fashion are included. The subject in the shape of the arrow continues at the back and the design is similar.

A very familiar interior of the Hyundai Bayon, as most of it is a direct elevator from i20. The black dashboard, switchgear, steering wheel, and the 10,25-inch display are included.

Hyundai said that the Bayon is an urban vehicle with an interior design that takes utility, space and comfort into consideration. A wheelbase of 2580mm (like an i20) allows 1,072mm of legroom to passengers in front of a seat, whereas the 882mm in rear seats and a boot of 411-litres with a split-back bench pliable can be split up to 1,205 litres.

The Bayon SUV is strongly cross-shaped on its side, but the tapering rooftop looks more like the cross-over. A rocky appearance is given by a strong cladding all around and false skid plates on the front and back. The Bayon has no four or all-wheel drive gear and, like the i-20, remains a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

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Hyundai Bayon SUV: Options for engine and gearbox

Hyundai Bayon SUV

Two engine options are offered globally on the Bayon – a 1.2-liter, 84-hp petrol engine and a more powerful 1.0-liter, mild-hybrid turbo-oil engine available in two tune states, 100-hp or 120-hp. The 1.0 turbo-oil will be available in countries such as the United Kingdom, which will not have a 1.2-liter engine. Gearbox options will include a 5-speed manual or an iMT 6-speed, depending on the engine.

Hyundai Bayon SUV: is this coming to India?

There’s no news about the Bayon that’s going to our shores. Hyundai is, however, preparing a new micro-SUV to be positioned below the Venue in India and to compete with the upcoming Tata HBX (Timero). In addition, the new 6-and 7-seat Alcazar SUV will hit the showrooms by June of this year. Hyundai is also preparing the i20 N-line for India, which could have been launched sometime this year “as read and reported by www.autocarindia.com”.