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New Honda Activa H-Smart launched:  All details here

by Navyatha Sandiri

The Activa H-Smart was introduced by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) in India with a starting price of $74,536. (ex-showroom). The business’s most recent product is an updated version of the Activa 6G that includes H-Smart technology.

The new Honda Activa H-Smart will be offered by the firm in three trim levels. The ex-showroom prices for these trim levels, Standard, Deluxe, and Smart, are 74,536, 77,036, and 80,537, respectively. The company claims that five new, distinctive technical applications will be added to the new Honda Activa H-Smart.

It’s interesting to note that the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India promises that The smart find function on this scooter will allow it to respond when the user uses the smart key to look for it.

The scooter can be locked and unlocked without the use of a physical key thanks to this smart key. The scooter’s engine may be started using this smart key when it is two meters away. An engine start/stop switch is also added to the new Activa H-Smart.

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2023 Honda Activa Smart features

A curious promise made by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is that this scooter will have a smart find feature that would enable it to respond when the user presses the smart key to locate it. In addition, the scooter can be locked and unlocked without the use of a real key. The scooter’s engine may be started while it is two meters away from the smart key. Additionally, the new Activa H-Smart has an engine start/stop button.

Speaking of features, the Honda Activa H-Smart will have a longer footboard area, a new passing button, and a DC LED headlamp. It will also have a larger wheelbase. New alloy wheel designs are among the additional design components. The 12-inch front alloy wheels, telescopic front suspension, and adjustable rear suspension on this version of the Activa 6G will make for a comfortable riding experience.

Activa Smart Launch by Honda

According to Atsushi Ogata, Managing Director, President & CEO of Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, who unveiled the new, smarter Activa 2023, the Activa has revitalized the scooter market and has been one of the best-selling two-wheelers for more than a year.

It has gone through a number of transformations to meet the constantly shifting demands of our customers, and today we are unveiling the new OBD2-compliant Activa 2023 with a plethora of industry-first innovations that provide customers with more value.

The scooter has newly created alloy wheels, a 3D emblem, a silver handle, and a tail light with side indicators, among other style accents. Other features include the Combined Braking System (CBS), the 12-inch front wheel, the side stand with engine lock, the telescoping front suspension, and the three-stage adjustable rear suspension. With up to five patent filings, it is being developed.

In response to the launch of Activa 2023, Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Chief Operating Officer, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, remarked that HMSI has always delighted customers by bringing comfort and ease into their daily lives.

Furthermore, HMSI has a history of setting the bar higher with numerous technological advancements in its products, including Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology, a Dual External Fuel Opening System, and a Combined Braking System (CBS). “Honda Smart Key in the Activa 2023 is another first for the two-wheeler market,” he continued.

The same 110 cc PGM-FI gasoline engine with Enhanced Smart Power that powers the 2023 Honda Activa is mechanically compatible with OBD2 (eSP). It comes in six color options: Pearl Siren Blue (New), Decent Blue Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, Black, Pearl Precious White, and Matte Axis Gray Metallic.

According to the manufacturer, the Honda Activa H-Smart features a variety of unique technologies. It will be equipped with an OBD2-compliant 110cc PGM-FI engine that is linked with superior smart power (eSP) technology to assure linear power generation. Updated programmed fuel injection, improved smart tumble technology, an ACG starter, and friction reduction are the new technologies that have been included in the Activa scooter. It has been asserted that the powertrain will perform better thanks to these proprietary technologies.

In case you forgot, the automaker recently revealed the Honda CL300. The scrambler has a 286cc liquid-cooled engine that produces 25.7 horsepower.

Deluxe: Rs. 77,036

The engine and main frame of the Honda CL300 are based on those of the Rebel model, and a longer subframe is used to support a flat, single-piece seat. The vehicle has a 165mm ground clearance and a 790mm seat clearance. Similar to the Rebel 300, the scrambler’s engine is a 286 cc single-cylinder unit that produces 25.7 horsepower and comes with a six-speed transmission.

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Activa pricing, options, and colors for 2023

Six color options and three variations (Standard, Deluxe, and Smart) will be offered for Activa 2023. (Black, Pearl Precious White, NEW Pearl Siren Blue, Rebel Red Metallic, and Matte Axis Grey Metallic), Decent Blue Metallic, and Pearl Precious White.

Prices & variations for Activa in 2023

Standard: 74,536 rupees

H-Smart: Rs. 80,537