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The New Coupe Style Audi To Be Launched Soon!

by Siddheswar Ojha
new coupe style audi

Recently the CEO of the great automobile giant said that soon, Audi will be launching a coupe-style Audi Q5. Similar to BMW x4 and the Mercedes Benz GLC coupe the new Audi q5 will have a swoopy roof.

The latter said that soon Audi will be launching new models like Audi A3 and the Sportback design of q5 along with 20 new models. Along with all this, Audi will be launching the compact design of Q2.

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The Q5 Sportback model will be launched in parallel with a facelifted model of Audi Q5. This step is a similar tactic which the company used during the launch of q3 and q3 Sportback. Also, Audi will be launching 4 new hybrid models of Audi in the twin year 2020.

audi q5

This shows that the electric vehicle will also grow higher during this year as every company is giving equal importance to both. After all these launches Audi will have then a total of 5 electric vehicles and 12 hybrid vehicles, in total.

However, neither the CEO nor any official has given any link to a specification of these vehicles. Along with all these the launch date is also not confirmed.

New Coupe Style Audi To Be Launched Soon

Let’s hope together that we see some great vehicles from the company’s end this year. The Audi fans are waiting for the specification and the launch of these vehicles. Now the question remains the same as whether the Q5 model will beat the success margin of Q3.

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