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New Car Accessories That Are Really Awesome

by Abhimanyu Sharma
TOP 10 NEW CARS 2019

Today in the day of modern tech when science has entered in every sphere of life so the car accessories today have become more advanced. They are enough to change your driving experiences. Here is the list of top 10 new car accessories.

  1. Head-up display

Head-up display

This tech is really awesome. It is a GPS enabled device attached to the dashboard behind the steering wheel. The best thing about this is that it can be fixed in drivers kine of sight so the driver doesn’t have to move his head to get directions.

2. Dashboard camera

Dashboard camera

This camera is very helpful when you on highways and you get an accident. This cam helps you to the real fault in an accident.

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  1. Park-Zone PZ-1600

Park-Zone PZ-1600

It can be installed on the front and back bumper of the car. It has a sensor inbuilt which guide you to park the car safely.

  1. Car Jump Starter

Car Jump Starter

If your battery gets discharged then you don’t need to be dependent on other cars to charge your battery. This Jumpstarter helps charge battery any time anywhere.

5. Digital pressure monitoring gauge

Digital pressure monitoring gauge

In the old pressure gauge, it was difficult to measure the exact pressure of the car. This digital pressure gauge can give exact air pressure readings.

6. GPS tracker

GPS tracker

Just fit a GPS tracker in your car and leave your worries about getting your car stolen. This device also helps you to track your car in the parking.

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7. Bluetooth in-car speakers

Bluetooth in-car speakers

Music is the first thing you need to enjoy while on a ride. Now, these Bluetooth speakers can enhance your joy of music. The best thing about them is they don’t occupy much space.

8. Car key finder

Car key finder

Most of us use to forget the keys randomly and they are really hard to find. Car key finder helps you to track your car keys using an app on your mobile.

9. Mini Fridge Electric Cooler

Mini Fridge Electric Cooler

Any long trip with friends would not be completed without chilled drinks. Just buy a good mini fridge and make your trips more fun.

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10 .Massage seat cover

Massage seat cover

This is a very innovative tech for long-distance drives. It gives a relaxing massage to the driver and eases your drive.