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New BMW i Vision Dee concept future 3 Series previews

by Navyatha Sandiri
BMW i Vision Dee

At the current CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023 in Las Vegas, BMW unveiled the brand-new I Vision DEE concept, which previews a radical new tech-focused future for the upcoming 3 Series as well as other vehicles built on the Neue Klasse chassis. The “next level of human-machine connection,” according to the German brand, is described. The BMW i3 electric sedan, which was just released in China, will be replaced by this in 2025.

  • Vision Dee receives novel color-changing exterior body panels.
  • abandons the touchscreen in favor of a full-width head-up display.
  • slated to begin manufacturing in 2025

What is BMW I Vision Dee?

The four-door saloon concept is built on BMW’s Neue Klasse platform, a brand-new framework that will support a variety of future BMW vehicles driven by internal combustion engines, plug-in hybrids, and electricity. The term “digital emotional experience,” which is the name, is an acronym.

The second of three unique concept vehicles designed to highlight BMW’s Neue Klasse platform-based automobiles is the I Vision Dee. The first, the I Vision Circular, featured construction utilizing recycled materials and debuted at the 2021 Munich auto show. Later this year, a third concept car that reportedly focuses on battery and drivetrain technology is predicted to be unveiled.

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The exterior design of the BMW I Vision Dee

The German company aims to use the concept to bring a new monolithic exterior style lineage to upcoming production models.

Similar to BMW’s I Vision Circular concept, the exterior design debuts a newly enclosed front-end design with the classic kidney grille replaced by two independent digital panels, each of which incorporates LED headlamps as “phygital” (physical-digital) iconography.

The headlights change in size and shape according to the work they are supposed to do and also provide visual welcome and farewell messages. This, in BMW’s opinion, offers the new concept its own unique set of facial expressions. While the flanks of the I Vision Dee have taut surfacing without any feature lines or ornamentation, the bonnet of the vehicle has a deep central scallop that extends further back.

The new BMW concept has a lower side window line than any of its current production vehicles. The glass is intended to show customized welcome messages, digital iconography, and a full-color avatar of the driver. Two new-look light panels that are split in half and integrated into a high-set boot lid at the back of the I Vision Dee continue the design trend introduced at the front.

BMW I Vision Dee: Altering Exterior Colors

The I Vision Dee Concept can, in fact, reskin itself with stripes, patterns, or even animations by changing its external color not only entirely but also for certain body panels that are divided into 240 different parts.

This is made possible by new “e-ink” technology, which enables various patterns and digital iconography to be blended into the segmented exterior panels, including the C-pillar, providing a digital reinterpretation of BMW’s traditional Hofmeister kink design element. The digital kidney grille can also be treated, so you can reduce its size, alter its appearance, or even make it completely disappear.

At the CES exhibition last year, a color-changing iX device was used to debut this capability. However, unlike the I Vision Dee idea, which can experiment with 32 various color options, that could only transform from black to white or vice versa.

BMW I Vision Dee specifications

Future BMW models’ looks are hinted at, but the I Vision Dee’s comparatively low bonnet, long wheelbase, and lack of overhangs also suggest slightly different three-box proportions for prospective BMW saloons. Although there have been no official measurements disclosed, estimations place the length at about 4500mm, which is slightly less than the current 3 Series.

Interior and technology of the BMW I Vision Dee

The I Vision Dee’s interior features a newly created operating system that BMW intends to introduce in its upcoming lineup of vehicles. With the help of a new head-up display that is projected on the windscreen and is integrated into a more straightforward interior, BMW has been able to completely do away with the traditional digital infotainment displays that have been a part of its vehicles since the launch of its iDrive infotainment platform in the fourth-generation BMW 7 Series in 2001.

The system that BMW is creating for its forthcoming models will, according to the company, allow the driver to choose how much digital content they are exposed to at any given time. The intention is to increase the driving experience’s immersion and realism. In order to accomplish this, the newest concept car from BMW includes a “Mixed Reality Slider” as well. The driver can modify the quantity of digital information shown in the head-up display using touch sensors integrated into a fabric-covered dashboard.

The sole thing standing out from the rest of the interior’s simple design is a steering wheel with four square-shaped spokes. The interior has single-piece seats, a single-tone color scheme, and a few seamless touch-sensitive buttons on the door panels, dashboard, and center console.

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BMW I Vision Dee technical specifications

The Dee’s drivetrain has not yet been revealed, but BMW has already acknowledged that it is developing cutting-edge new cylindrical battery technology that will significantly increase the driving range and charging efficiency of its Neue Klasse EVs.

While this is happening, an internal project is creating a new sixth-generation EV powertrain that will increase performance and economy, qualities that the third I Vision concept is most likely to highlight.