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9 Most Loved Bikes in the Country to choose from in 2021

by Meghashree Das
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India undoubtedly has the largest market for two-wheelers, especially motorbikes and single bikes. Estimates say that the two-wheeler industry in the country is expected to grow phenomenally. Numbers predict a growth of CAGR of 7.33% reaching about 24.89-million-unit sales by the year 2024.

There are many motorbike manufacturing companies in the country. Each year, these put out new two-wheeler models for the public. Though a good thing, it only confuses the end consumer with a wide variety of models to choose from. We believe that for every buyer there is something special, a perfect model out of all the odds that suits your budget, taste, and style.

If you are here to search for your perfect love, then standby. In this article, we go through 9 such popular bikes in India which are irresistible and powerful.

Royal Enfield Classic 350


Originally launched in 2009, this Royal Enfield manages to find its way into the hearts of most prospective bike buyers. In February 2020 alone, the classic 350 royal Enfield sold more than 41000 units in India. Engines of royal are pretty power-packed. They hold the power of 19.1 bhp and its torque is 28N which is just impressive for a bike.

The 5-speed manual gearbox of the bikes provides enough freedom to the riders to go on long drives and have fun. Royal Enfield is available for consumers in 16 vibrant variants for this model. This means riders can now enjoy power and class in beautiful colour options too! With a mileage of 40.8kmpl and engine displacement of 346cc, this beauty is a must buy.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 (One of the most well-known Single Bikes)


If you have seen the Royal Enfield Bullet 350, then you’re aware of how beautiful this bike is. This is one of the oldest and most popular bikes. One of the first and most loved bullets in India was from Royal and went on the roads in 1932. Since then, the vehicle has been subjected to a lot of alterations for enhancing performance.

This model has been in the entry-level offering from Royal Enfield in India. It weighs 185kg and has a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Bullet is a single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine that is capable of delivering the same torque as in its classic 350 variants. This bike for sure suits people who love the heartbeat rock sound of its unmissable engine. Now consumers can get their own Royal Enfield bullet 350 in 11 different variants.

Yamaha YZF R15 V3


Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is not only the best performing but also one of the most amazing looking two-wheeler one can think of. Yamaha YZF R15 V3 undoubtedly is the dream of a lot of people. Reasons include its BS-VI liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine has a 6-speed manual transmission system. The cylinder system can deliver a torque of 14.1Nm and is packed with 18.3 bhp of power for peak performance.

Customers wanting to buy Yamaha YZF R15 V3 can make their best choice out of the three available color variants: –

  1. Racing Blue
  2. Thunder Grey
  3. Dark night

This vehicle’s amazing performance and killer look fetched its India design Mark Award in the year 2019. Yamaha YZF R15 V3 possesses a mileage of 47.92kmpl, engine displacement 155cc.

Yamaha MT 15 (one of the value of money Bikes)


Yamaha MT 15 is yet another offered two-wheeler from the esteemed Japanese manufacturers, that launched in 2019. Even in this feature, the manufacturers ensured that the focus remains on various aspects that make a bike appealing to the people in the Indian market. Yamaha MT 15 has stunning features and its style statement can leave you awe-struck! Like the previous Yamaha model, even in this model, riders get to enjoy 6-speed manual transmission.

Yamaha MT 15 2020 model came with better and improved features like increased power output and a new BS-VI compliant emission system. Therefore, the new model can generate around 18.2bhp of power and 13.9Nm torque. It boasts a

  1. liquid-cooled
  2. single-cylinder
  3. fuel-injected engine.

The vehicle was also recognized for its excellence at the Bike India Awards 2020. Here, it landed in the coveted prize of Bike of the Year up to 160cc category. With a mileage of 48.58kmpl and engine displacement of 155cc, this single bike is something you cannot resist.

Hero Splendor Plus (The Common Man’s Bike)

Hero-Splendor-Plus (one of the most comon bikes)

On number five of this list is the hearthrob bike of every youngster and grown-up. It is the Hero Splendor Plus. What makes Hero Splendor Plus different from the already present aforementioned vehicles is its specifics, affordability, and fuel economy. In the commuter category, this is the most loved vehicle and has a single-cylinder. Along with this it also has an air-cooled engine that can generate up to 8.36bhp of power during peak performance and has the brand-new BS-VI system.

Customers can pick Hero Splendor Plus from a variety of about 9 different, vibrant colours. Every colour has its feel and story! The bike is certainly low on fuel combustion and has an advanced i3 start and stop system developed by Hero MotoCorp. Apart from this, it possesses an engine displacement of 97.2cc and costs Rs.52,800. With the latest features of a single bike in the 2021 line up, experience the best with 80kmpl mileage in Hero Splendor Plus.  

Bajaj Pulsar 150 (One of the most commonly used bikes)


If one compares core numbers, Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the highest-selling commuter bike in the country. This commuter bike has a powerful air-cooled engine with a fuel-injection system. Not just that but also sports a BS-VI system that can generate peak powers of 13.8bhp and torque of 13.25Nm. No wonder why Bajaj Pulsar 150 crossed its millstone of about 1 lakh unit sales per month in march 2019.

The five-speed manual transmission is good enough for improved maneuverability when it comes to Indian roads. If you are someone who is looking for a bike with the following: –

  1. 50kmpl mileage
  2. 149.5cc engine displacement
  3. Somewhere around Rs. 85,000

Then Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the choice for you. Choose from six attractive colours for this model, including colours like neon yellow and red, and enjoy the ride.

KTM 200 Duke (The Youngster’s Bike)


There is something about a KTM that appeals to everyone. Whether you are a KTM fan or not, you got to love this model of KTM 200 Duke for what it has. KTMs reasonably are priced performance single biked which has been the favorite of youngsters to ride. Even though it’s a commuter bike, KTM 200 Duke has got features which are similar of sports bike in the market.

It is extremely stylish and this model comes with a 13.5-liter fuel tank. Additionally, there’s liquid cooling and fuel injection. These are features that a consumer looks forward to when buying this bike. It can generate max powers at 25bhp and a peak torque of 19.5Nm. Further, the new model is equipped with a BS-VI emission system. With a mileage of 35kmpl, 199.5cc displacement the bike holds the #1 motorcycle positions in India.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200


Though Bajaj Pulsar 150 is an excellent choice, there is always something better you can experience with evolving times. For folks looking for something premium and better than Pulsar 150 can go for Bajaj Pulsar NS200. Even though there are two models of the same company, one should not get confused as to which one is the best. The major difference between both the models like in few features as an update in this model and of course the increased price.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 gives a mileage of 36.1kmpl and has a displacement of 199.44cc. At 154kg, this vehicle is not very heavy to handle, yet it does not compromise with power and performance. There is no shyness in admitting that Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is pretty impressive in both looks and specs which makes it a popular buy in the country.

KTM RC 125


The craze of KTM just does not stop! Therefore, here is yet another KTM model that is irresistible, and rightfully so a bit overpriced model. Nevertheless, if you go ahead and buy the beautiful KTM RC 125 you will not regret it. Most of the specs even in KTM RC 125 are the same. However, with the BS-VI variant rollout, KTM is offering three new livery colors with a mileage of 38kmpl.

Sporting peak power of 14.5bhp and torque of 12Nm, this KTM RC 125 also a noteworthy ABS and starts from about Rs. 1,48,750 and engine displacement of 124.7cc. KTMs are pretty much a choice of young and lively men who love the thrill of speed in a tacky way. If you are someone who is too much into the splendor of KTMs then KTM RC 125 is surely a must-buy for you.


In a country like India, it doesn’t matter whether you have a four-wheeler or not, but surely every family or a working professional shall have a two-wheeler. Thus, these were 9 amazing single bikes that possess all-power, performance, and perfection.

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