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Mercedez-Benz GLC Priced at Rs 73.5 Lakhs for 2023 Launch

by Navyatha Sandiri
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Mercedez-Benz GLC

Mercedez-Benz GLC styling for Mercedes-Benz Looking at its exterior design, it develops from the previous generation in a way that is much more sophisticated and gorgeous. The grille, which has the recognizable three-pointed star logo prominently displayed in the center, elegantly integrates the LED headlights into the design.

The grille is artfully divided into two sections by a horizontal bar, creating an appealing visual arrangement. The bumper has a distinctive shape that resembles a skid plate along the lower edge and displays a chrome outline below. The most recent GLC has notable dimensional modifications in comparison to its predecessor. Its 60mm longer length (4,716) and 15mm longer wheelbase (2,888mm) result in improved cabin space.

Furthermore, there has been a 70-liter expansion in the luggage compartment, resulting in a spacious total capacity of 620 liters.

With the glass part descending sharply into the C-Pillar, the side profile mainly stays the same. It gives off a sporty vibe, and the 19-inch alloy wheels go well with the Mercedez’s overall posture.

The lights’ horizontal alignment is kept as we move to the back, although there is a noticeable change. The tailgate-mounted middle bar is where the LED modules gracefully converge after tapering abruptly inward. It’s interesting to note that Mercedes decided against adopting the current trend of a continuous LED beam and instead chose to leave the center bar dark to highlight its stylish gloss black finish. A slight skid plate impression is provided by a chrome accent along the lower edge of the rear, which is also complimented by chrome trim surrounding the fake exhaust ports.

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Cabin And Features

When you enter, there is a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster next to an 11.9-inch touchscreen that is set up in portrait mode. The dashboard decor features a sophisticated pinstripe pattern that is modeled after the luxurious Maybach S-Class and exudes refinement.

Notably, for a more seamless experience, the HVAC and infotainment functions have been relocated to the touchscreen. Additionally, it has an air purifier, a 360-degree video system, 64-color ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof, and front seats with heating and memory features.

With its adjustable ground clearance and “transparent bonnet” camera vision, the GLC offers off-road-oriented features. In contrast, the Safety suite has 7 airbags, active lane keep assist, blind spot assist, and other ADAS systems to guarantee a secure and confident driving experience.

Engine Options for the Mercedes-Benz GLC

Two different powertrain options are available for the second-generation GLC. The 2.0-liter turbo-petrol engine in the GLC 300 produces 258 horsepower and 400 Newton meters of torque, while the 2.0-liter diesel engine in the GLC 220d produces 197 horsepower and 440 Newton meters of torque. Both options come standard with 4Matic all-wheel drive technology and a 9-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, a 48-volt mild hybrid system with an integrated starter generator boosts torque and horsepower by up to 200 Nm while also improving fuel efficiency by 23 horsepower.

2.0-liter Turbo-Petrol Engine (GLC 300):

Horsepower: 258 HP

Torque: 400 Nm

All-Wheel Drive: 4Matic

Transmission: 9-speed automatic

A 48V mild hybrid system with an integrated starter generator is an additional hybrid system offered for the GLC 300. This system contributes 23 horsepower to the power output and provides up to 200 Nm of additional torque. This not only improves overall performance but also enhances fuel efficiency.

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2.0-liter Diesel Engine (GLC 220d):

Horsepower: 197 HP

Torque: 440 Nm

All-Wheel Drive: 4Matic

Transmission: 9-speed automatic

A second hybrid system is available for the GLC 220d, which is similar to the GLC 300 in that it has a 48-volt mild hybrid system with an integrated starter generator. This hybrid system boosts power and torque, leading to improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Both powertrains come with a 4Matic all-wheel drive system, ensuring better traction and stability in various driving conditions. The 9-speed automatic transmission contributes to smooth gear shifts and efficient power delivery.

The inclusion of the 48-volt mild hybrid system with an integrated starter generator is a notable feature that enhances not only power output but also fuel efficiency. By assisting the engine during acceleration and other driving scenarios, the mild hybrid system reduces the load on the machine and optimizes fuel consumption.

Overall, the second-generation GLC offers a range of powertrain options that cater to different preferences, whether you prioritize performance, efficiency, or a balance of both. The combination of advanced technologies and engineering results in a versatile and capable SUV that meets various driving needs.