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Mercedes Benz German Giant Brings The Giant Offer!

by CarMyCar Desk
mercedes benz brings giant offer

Mercedes Benz the first german company which is going to extend to 5 years warranty. The well known German automobile giant Mercedes Benz has recently announced a new assurance about the warranty period which will be increased for 5 years for unlimited kilometers.

The rival companies like BMW Audi and Porsche have already given a three-year warranty but this time Mercedes is offering a new warranty of 5 years.

This time Mercedes is offering a new warranty of 5 years.

This new offer will apply to all the SUV, electric, plug-in, and AMG turned vehicles. However, it should be noted that Kia still offers a seven-year warranty. So Mercedes is still not on the top list in terms of services and warranty. The rival brand Lexus offers a 4 year on 1 lakh kilo-meter warranty offer. So when both of the offers are compared the Mercedes is giving a much better offer. The five years/ unlimited-kilo-meter warranty offer is still applicable to the V class model.

However, it should be noted that the unlimited-kilometer offer is applicable for the Mercedes Benz only. Other versions are capped at 200,000 KM.

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The company will be providing an offer of 5 year warranty/250000KM for the Marco- polo. For the Vito, Valente and Sprinter vans though, the warranty period is five years/250,000km. Roadside assistance will be provided for both the private and commercial use of the vehicle.

Also the Mercedes company will be giving this warranty benefit for every new vehicle they will be launching since the given date. Mercedes Benz Australia, has  also initiated a grace period for the vehicle to be purchased from 1st of march 2020.

Mercedes Benz

The new warranty will start on the 1st of April 2020. So the user should hurry up and start preparing for the offer but before that they should be aware of the terms and conditions.

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