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The Most Immaculate Mercedes-Benz 280SE

by Navyatha Sandiri

Have a glance, at this huge and pricey standing image for its time with a comforting heft that remembers a vault. Giving it a greatcoat of Belgian coachwork, as well as racy ground effects (with the coachbuilder’s name brocaded on the front air dam!) and a few special touches within very takes it over the highest. This is most likely the car that would come to mind “The Mercedes-Benz 280SE” Carat by Duchatelet.


The luxury model was real in style, ample in performance, and opulent in travel. Operating out of Liege, Belgium, since 1968, Carat Duchatelet has had a special relationship with the S-Class since the start. Shortly when operating its cosmetic magic on a number of Mercedes-Benz product, its customers—well-heeled and necessary, as you’d expect—started asking Carat Duchatelet to up-armor their Benzes. That is become a very important a part of the trendy business, making stretch auto versions of assorted vehicles as numerous as Mercedes-Maybach and even many Toyota Land Cruiser models, however this explicit 1985 280SE—listed on Bring a Trailer—isn’t armoured. It’s simply awe-inspiring.

But it’s not pristine. This one shows some wear and tear, however nothing that a dedicated Carat Duchatelet enthusiast couldn’t fix up with some love and greenbacks (or Euros). It is a European model, imported quite recently (2017), and looks and appears with its terribly Euro-nerdy heckblende rear reflector panel housing the car place holder and Diamond Blue metal like paint.


The deep-dish basketweave wheels square measure barely of high-roller standing, as well. While this one originally came with blue fabric within, it has been redone with even a lot of tasteful blue leather—which is in want of some deep learning however seems to be saved. The Carat Duchatelet- Built-in instrument cluster with a single font, it looks amazing, and it never makes you forget that you’re driving a special product. There is even a bit pole on the traveller facet bumper—it appears like a flagpole, like you’d see on a diplomatic vehicle, however truly, it is a parking pole that helps the motive force notice the corner of the automotive. The tiny Mercedes star on prime helps the motive force avoid kerb that unimaginable front spoiler or those hot wheels.

It is perhaps not almost as famous as other S-Class designs, but the uniqueness of the Carat Duchatelet conversion seen here is nevertheless unquestionable. The series also introduced Mercedes’ first V8 engines, designed to stay competitive with heavy-duty American V8-powered luxury cars. The 280SE series saw the end of the Mercedes Ponton family, still mostly hand-built, in favour of a more modern design and new production techniques that led to greater reliability and durability. Also known as the Stroke Eight since the model year 1967/1968, these sedans are

slowly becoming more collectible. The current rate on the local market is estimated to have risen from approximately P100,000 to more than P500,000 for a pristine.

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Mercedes-Benz 280SE facts:

TYPE: Two-door, five-passenger convertible.

ENGINE: Single cam I-6 overhead M130.980 • 2.778cc • Mechanical injection of fuel

4-speed automatic console selector with center console selector

POWER: 180 hp at 5,750 rpm TORKS: 193 lb-ft at 4,500 rpm  

LENGHT: 5.55 lbs. LENGTH: 192.1 CURB WEIGHT: 3.630 lb

DEPROVICE: 11 seconds TOP SPEED: 117-120 mph Zero-60 mph

Still, if you’re more into style than substance, this Mercedes-Benz 280SE should go. Whether you want to bid or just gawk at the images, enjoy! “As reported by automobilemag.com”