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Maruti Suzuki XL6: Review regarding pros and cons

by Navyatha Sandiri
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The Maruti Suzuki XL6 is sold through the Nexa chain of dealers and not the Arena outlets that deal in the Ertiga only as petrol or AT-model. The car manufacturer decided to put the XL6 a step further than Ertiga and market it as a six-seater premium. We say if they have succeeded in doing so while still speaking of their advantages and inconveniences.

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1. Crossover styling

The XL6 is made to look different from the Ertiga, but they’re basically the same vehicle. Improvements such as side vesting, roller arches, black wheels, redesigned rear bumpers, etc. make it look butch compared to Ertiga. Compared to the Ertiga. The XL6 crossover styled is thus a welcome change from the usual Ertigas sights, as opposed to the MPV styling of the sibling. New color choices, such as blue Nexa, magma-gray, brave khaki, red auburn, artic white, and premium silver, also discern new influences.

2. A step-up in elegance

Maruti Suzuki XL6

A new face with well-integrated quad-LED headlights, LED fog lamps, and LED light guides is a step up from the normal Ertiga lighting system. Also in its inner, it doesn’t look half as terrible, with black leather seats and the faux wooden trim. Actually, they sound a little better than the Ertiga. The other useful functions such as cruise control and color MID for the instrument cluster are also available. Furthermore, the XL6’s black interior is relatively easier to keep than the Ertiga beige. All this transformation makes the XL6 feel better than its cheaper brother, the Ertiga standard, which is widely used on the fleet market.

3. Lives up to its name

The XL6 is a spacious (XL) car for six occupants that takes its name. Like the ertiga, there is enough room inside, but it feels better than the conventionally arranged bench-style because of the captain’s seats with armrests. Thanks to different adjustment controls, the two individual seats in the second row can be individually modified.

This can be done by sliding and reclining on a single lever. This helps to adapt the seats and to make room for the leg in the third row. And it’s not just space, but it is also the comfort quotient, particularly for passengers in the second row.

4. Automatic convenience

Purchasers who are willing to pay a premium normally want the automatic transmission to operate without hassle. Fortunately, an optional automatic gearbox is provided with the 1.5 Liter K15 series XL6 petrol engine. This four-speed torque transducer is very useful, handy, and well-integrated into the petroleum mill despite being very old technology. It doesn’t have the most acute answers, so the gas pedal has to be planed to move the gear down or down. It only works fine with moderated throttle inputs, however, when you need to get over quickly.

You can also keep the gear shifts in 2/L mode and an overdrive off button. Otherwise, partial tap inputs can be used easily for cruising. The fastest gear allows you to do 100 kmph at 2,500rpm. All is done to provide the ease of double-pedal set-up, whether for urban use or road use, this AT trim works very well.

5. Spot-on pricing and hassle-free ownership

Car buyers looking for a Rs 10-15 lakh petrol three-row AT car on our market, really have no choice but Ertiga or XL6. And then the Maruti badge would immediately take customers to the showrooms. And it is fair, as Maruti Suzuki’s good service and low availability have established over the years a strong reputation. Even the XL6 shares too much in the Ertiga, so spares might not be a concern, because the manufacturer sells Ertigas’ pure volume.



1. Missing features

While the XL6 is higher than the Ertiga and has more features on the table, it isn’t a major jump. The XL6 also does not have backlit power window switches, its IVRM does not have an auto-dimming feature, and is not really a car full of modern functions. I would even have liked to see that, aside from adding aesthetics, SUVish additions and improvements served some function as security. All these small items should not have been supervision, in particular, because this is a Nexa product flagship.

2. Absence of a diesel option

Maruti Suzuki XL6

People movers are generally described as vehicles that can seat more than 4-5 people. Increasing the load lead to a concern for fuel efficiency and these vehicles are also linked to torque diesel engines. Maruti Suzuki doesn’t currently sell a diesel engine but the XL6 was never supplied with a diesel mill. So you can’t have it as oil-burning even though you want to buy a used XL6.


Consider the XL6 to be a fine old wine in a fresh bottle rather than a major technical advance. It’s not too large for a city dweller, but you’ll appreciate the interior space. If you don’t expect an exciting score, you’ll be more than pleased. After all, it’s simple to drive, comfortable to live in, and can transport you and five other passengers in comfort. Finally, it builds on the positives of the Ertiga and, in turn, gives it a sense of exclusivity “as read and reported by www.carwale.com”.