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Maruti 800 Diaries-A Road Trip To Arunachal Pradesh

by Sweeta Gupta
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maruti 800 diaries- a road trip to arunachal pradesh

A lovely road trip to arunachal pradesh with maruti 800 diaries driving through some peaceful landscape on a chic convertible with the my buddies is everybody’s dream. Subsequent to watching the movies like Dil Chahta Hai and ZNMD, I likewise liked about going on such a road trip in the delightful wide open of Europe on a convertible.

Albeit that’s a long shot, we as of late went for a spontaneous however significant road trip of the brilliant field of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Just distinction was that rather than an extravagant convertible we had a Maruti 800 to take us through. In a range of two days we covered four districts, crossed three significant rivers and saw the wild of this wonderful land.

My companions

Two of my companions and I began from Guwahati to Tinsukia, where we were joined by Rahul, the fourth individual from our gathering. Since Rahul lives in Tinsukia, he offered to manage us through the outing.

At first the arrangement was to cover the public transport yet Rahul proposed that we take his Maruti 800 car as open vehicle in those areas is irregular. The idea of the road trip with three good friends made me significantly more excited.

Namsai- The land of golden Pagodas

green tea gardens maruti 800 diaries: a roadtrip to arunachal pradesh

Subsequent to having our morning meal at Rahul’s place we began around 9.30 AM. Not long after we crossed the Tinsukia town, we ended up invited by the lavish green tea gardens on both the sides of road, trailed by yellow rice fields and brilliant mustard gardens.

We got so lost in conversations that we didn’t understand when we arrived at the Assam Arunachal Pradesh boarder.

maruti 800 diaries-a roadtrip to arunachal pradesh

At Dirak entryway we took our Inner Line Permits for going into Arunachal Pradesh and inside next thirty minutes we arrived at Namsai town, the place that is known the land of golden Pagodas. Situated on the bank of Dihing River, Namsai is the most youthful area of Arunachal Pradesh.

Despite the fact that Namsai has numerous Pagodas however the latest and lovely one is situated at the bank of Tengapani River.

The Pagoda houses a golden Buddha statue, which was given from Thailand. The very much kept up garden in the Pagoda complex featured the magnificence of the spot considerably more.

I was informed that each November Tai Khamti celebration is coordinated here and the spot gets livelier with the festivities all around. The Pagoda complex additionally has a visitor house for tourist.

For very nearly an hour we delighted in the entrancing magnificence of this golden Pagoda and its surroundings. Leaving Namsai, we drove towards Wakro.

The condition of the road gets terrible on this part, yet the views of the hills at distance kept our ride exciting and doesn’t cause any harm to our maruti 800 car. Around 3 PM we were only 1 Km away from the Parasuram Kunda, where we halted at a road side Dhaba for our lunch.

Tezu- Our Stay

While taking our road to Tezu we saw the all panoramic view on the Lohit River spreading its branches on the fields. I wished we had all the more light and to appreciate the lofty perspective on the Lohit valley from the top.

The stretch of road from Parasuram Kunda to Tezu goes through the hills and we needed to cover it complete darkness. Going across an obscure hilly road around evening time was brimming with hazard yet extremely adventurous; thank God, Rahul navigated us securely to the Tezu town.

In the wake of arriving at Tezu at 7.00 PM our first task was to track down a good spot to go through the evening.

In the wake of neglecting to get accommodation at the circuit house and the visitor house of District Urban Development Authority, at long last we got two rooms at Oshin Hotel, which is maybe the best hotel in the town. At a budget price it was a decent deal.

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Next morning we woke up with a perspective on snow covered mountains of Anini from our Hotel. Despite the fact that it was a far off see however we were completely brightened up to see those White Mountains.

Tezu is likewise the doorway to Kibithu, the eastern most place of India, where one can witness the first sunrise of the nation. Despite the fact that Kibithu has consistently been on my rundown of places to visit however on this journey we possessed little time for it.

After a basic breakfast at Tezu we took the road towards Roing. This stretch of roads was exceptionally gutsy; one piece of NH 52 was smooth and sleek with wildernesses and homestead lands on the two sides, though on some different parts construction of the bridges were all the while going on, so we needed to get over the streams.

Our Maruti 800 car suffered a great deal on those crossings over the river bed and stones however that too had its own thrill.

The Dibang River

dibang river maruti 800 diaries- a roadtrip to arunachal pradesh

After arriving at Roing we went to see the Dibang River. Where we sat close to the stream and put our foot on the water to feel the chilled water. Taking the winter Sun on our back we made plans for our following visit while savoring the flavor of local oranges.

On a bright winter morning I was sitting close to a wonderful rivers with layers of hills at the background, feeling the cold air all over while having some delicious oranges; it was nothing not exactly a little glimpse of heaven for me.

What more could I could want. I likewise attempted to get the hanging bridge over Dibang, which ended up being an exceptionally startling ride for me.

Subsequent to meeting three significant tributaries of Brahmaputra, Lohit, Dihing and Dibang River we headed towards Sadiya to meet the strong Brahmaputra, the existence line of Assam.

In the wake of passing through the wrecked road for very nearly two hours we at long last arrived at Sadiya around 1 PM. The view on the stream caused us to feel exceptionally refreshed.

Crossing the Brahmaputra River alongside car

Crossing Brahmaputra River on a boat alongside our maruti 800 car was an extraordinary experience. We could see the Dhola Sadiya Bridge at the distance, which is going to be finished. It appeared to me as though the bridge is tormenting the poor boatmen about their forsaken future.

Once the construction is finished the transportation from other parts of Assam to Sadiya will be extremely simple yet this experience of crossing the Brahmaputra RIver on boat will be gone for eternity.

The last location and experience

The boat dropped us at Dhola, the opposite side of the waterway. Sun was surging quick towards the horizon and we additionally drove quick towards Tinsukia, as though it’s a race to discover who will arrive at home first.

At long last the Sun vanished behind the tea gardens and we too arrived at Tinisukia before it is dark.

Although the duration of the trip was little however we delighted in each snapshot of it.

We exploited the advantage of the road with each chance we got, we stopped at any place we loved, took photos, conversed with local people and all the more significantly, experienced those delightful moments without being rush.