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Top 11 Things To Know About Luxurious 2020 BMW X7 M50I

by Navyatha Sandiri

The M50i, as the name implies, is the BMW X7’s M-christened iteration which combines excellent performance with luxurious interior design. With respect to M-batched cars, BMW’s characteristics and creature comfort are never missing. Following this concept, the 2020 BMW X7 M50i, the luxury X7 has been built with whistles and bells at its edge. Although the M50i carries with it unique equipment for performance-hungry purists, this is one SUV that strikes the ideal balance between nail-biting performance and similarly jaw-dropping luxury.

Cost at $99,600, the 2020 BMW X7 M50i is definitely on the pricey side. However after you’ve witnessed the pure thrill of this SUV pack, you won’t mind shelling money on it. But life is never easy, isn’t it? Yes, so is this BMW X7, when this newcomer wants to prove its strength against some of the well-known Titans in the segment, such as the Star-studded German-Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 also British Brute-Land Rover and Range Rover Sport SVR. Let’s move ahead and get things rolling then, shall we?

Features of 2020 BMW X7 M50i

The 2020 BMW X7 M50i is an inherent version of the X7 series. The M50i is isolated from the crowd while the regular X7 is separated by three distinct trims. The M50i was released in 2019 and is nothing more than a wicked twin of the other trims. It is approximately fast for its size and features with its price tag a host of features.

  Trims    M50i
MSRP (AWD)  $99,600
Key Features  It has Power remote to right side-view door mirror with tilt down feature.  
   Dual-pane open/close sliding and tilting glass sunroof  
   Harman/Kardon 16-speaker setup with 464-Watt Amplifier  
   M Sport exhaust system  
   Head-up display  
   Parking Assistant Plus automated parking sensors  

In addition to the M50i badge, this trim focuses on more horsepower, improved M-specific suspension tuning and an M-Sport differential system. Eventually, BMW also offers a number of extra features, packaged as kits for people who want their X7 to be exclusive. That said these bundles do not need to be added in addition to the MSRP of the M50i. BMW X7 M30i-compatible packages are as follows:

Package Name  Weather Cold PackageActive Handling PackageProfessional package &driving assistanceSeating Luxury Package
  MSRP    $1200  $3,450  $1700  $1200
  Features    Front and rear heated seats    Integral active steering    Traffic jam assistance  Front ventilated and massaging seats
   Heated armrest and steering Wheel    Active comfort drive  Active driving assistance 
   4-zone automatic climate control     

What do we recommend?

Get the specialists driving support kit for an additional $1700 with the M50i, which improves driving experience particularly in city conditions. In addition, you would certainly need traffic aids for an SUV of this hefty vehicle. A premium seating kit of $1200 could target those who have a pampered back.

2020 BMW X7 M50i Engine and Performance

A 4.4-liter, familiar twin-power turbo, V8 power the X7 M50i with its sweet German roar, which comes right from the hood of the BMW M5. Compared with the M5, this 4.4L, V8 is de-tuned allowing the 2020 M50i BMW X7 to deliver 523 HP power and an incredible 553 lb-ft torque. BMW fanboys should rejoice now as this engine is easily one of the powerful engines under the umbrella of the Bavarian. The BMW X7 is pretty agile to get off its feet, making these overtaking maneuvres joyful with the peak couple kicking early in the rev-band.


The motor is an 8-speed automatic transmission that operates very well regardless of how you process it. Take manual control, which imitates the M5 very well with this sleek shifter. Yes, it can’t hold machinery at high revs and forced adjustments could also reach your nerves on occasion. However the X7 remains one of the few models in the SUV market, which will get you close to a sedan-like performance while retaining the practicality quotient of a regular SUV.

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Models    SUV 2020 BMW X7 M50i Car2020 SUV Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 Model2020 SUV Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR Version
  MSRP    99,600 dollars  98,795 dollars  114,500 dollars
  Engine    Twin-Power  4.4 Liters Turbocharged V8    4.0Liter Bi-Turbo V8  5.0Liter Supercharged V8
  Drivetrain      AWD  AWD  4WD
  Transmission        8-Speed Torque Converter w/OD and Auto-Manual  9-Speed Hydraulic Torque Converter  8-Speed Hydraulic Torque Converter w/OD And Auto-Manual  
  Power      523 hp @ 5,500 rpm  483 hp @ 5,500 rpm  575 hp @ 6,000 rpm
  Torque      553 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm  516 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm  516 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm

Don’t take the BMW X7 M50i to be as good as the hardcore M-versions. That’s why the M50i comes out a little shy in front of the Range Rover Sport SVR, dropping by a considerable margin short of the performance figures. Wait for the X7M to see how things work out. That said the flagship luxury SUV of the Three-Point Star manufacturer remains out of the conversation with the marginal figures of the bunch.

How quick distance is the BMW X7 M50i travel from 0-60 MPH?

“The elephants don’t fly,” they say, but the Germans don’t seem to have the phrase. The 2020 BMW X7 M50i runs very well, even with its mammoth presence, as the 0-60 MPH sprint takes just 4.5 seconds, while the quarter-mile mark will take around 14.1 sec.

As soon as you let go of the brake pedal before you start, this behemoth easily glances ahead making it almost unbelievable for this big car. It’s peppy on its knees, and it looks like a little car from behind the steering wheel.

Many of the logbook comments contained a discussion of the smoothness of the ZF eight-speed and its discreet nature in all drive modes. Others admired the X7’s incredible acceleration and thunderous boom of the V-8 twin-turbo exhaust. The interior continues to earn high marks for its almost Rolls-Royce hush, its incredibly luxurious leather seats, and the ambient lighting that caused a friend of staff to scream, “This car makes me want to be rich!”


After more than 10,000 miles, our X7 has motivated us to schedule the first oil change service and some inspections. No out-of-pocket expenses were borne because BMW would fund all repairs up to 36,000 miles. Given that our summer travel targets are consistent with the epidemiological forecast, we expect the X7 to continue to rack up miles. Its mix of pace, comfort and utility continues to make it a high-demand road trip favourite.

Fleet Months: 5 Months Current Mileage: 10,504 miles

Average Fuel Economy: 16 mpg

Fuel Tank Size: 21.9 gal Fuel Range Observed: 350 miles

Service: $0 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0 

The Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 was always more of a luxurious vehicle, incorporated by segment norms with some fragments of performance. However as the GLS gives preference to creature comfort and luxury over absolute results, this concept carries with it an extra heft that pulls it back in the event of a head-on race. In contrast with the biggest engine under a hood, the Range Rover Sport SVR on the other side comes locked and ready. The Range Rover Sport is still the fastest competitor here in the lot due to its cautious weight and the additional advantage of the supercharger.

How do the BMW X7 M50i works around the corners?

BMW knows how to make the vehicle dance competently in your fingerspins, be it a coupe, a sedan or even the largest SUVs. The X7 M50i, its flagship SUV, is the interesting aspect of this feat. The 4-angle air suspension on all four ends smoothes the ride comprehensively while the entire wheel drive holds the power on the wheels equal. The adaptive damping mechanism cancels the quake caused by the large V8 of the X7 under the hood and adds complements to the BMW design phase.

The 2020 BMW X7 M50i is capable of carrying out Offroad Activities, due to its good enough 22-inches wheels. If you want to get more, BMW also provides external off-road kits with a limited slip rear differential electronically controlled, off-road driving modes and a front pad to keep the engine’s bottom covered. There is also a special sporting style for the purist in you while talking about driving styles.. So when you return from sending your children back to school you must leave the steam off.

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How actually does the X7 M50i stop from 60-0 MPH?

Blessed by the M-division, the X7 meets the standards with a healthy brake bite. On the front is a misleading nose-dive, but the M-spec breaks offer the driver a certain experience. But because of the weight tilt over the 5600-pound mark, the X7 is a little shy of braking efficiency as compared to other hardcore SUVs such as the Range Rover Sport SVR. The Bimmer certainly knows how to make a grin on your face whatever, given this enormous SUV is heavier than the Rolls Royce Phantom.

The very large 22-inch wheels deter the wobbly aspect of the front end, which in most other SUVs is conspicuous. This encourages the driven driver to quickly attack corners – which his immediate opponent struggles to do – with the Mercedes Benz GLS 580. Since this is the largest SUV from Bavaria, we must keep the sport characteristics of this comfortable carriage on wheels to the people of M-Divisional.

   Design  BMW X7 M50i 2020Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 2020Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR 2020
  Rotors  Front Brake    N/A  N/A  15.0″
  Rotors Rear Brake    N/A  N/A  14.4″
  Curb Weight    5661 lbs  N/A  5093 lbs
  60-0 MPH    N/A  113* ft  118 ft

The British marquee is a hardcore performance avatar of the regular Range Rover Sport and it’s all locked and ready at this competition. This makes it one of the safest SUVs in this category. However the performance of the BMW X7 M50i has certainly been improved, but it is still not as focused as the Range Rover. Perhaps the storey may change as soon as BMW raises the BMW X7M. Up to that point, the Range Rover Sport retains the best performer here.

2020 BMW X7 M50i Fuel Economy

Along with the excellent efficiency features, the 2020 BMW X7 M50i will produce 15 MPG and 21 MPG on the highway in the city. Nor is the highlight of the day the 21.9 gallon fuel tank, which requires regular refill stops every 400 kilometres.

Clearly, the X7 M50i is not your way to the car when you’re hunting for an SUV you can go grocery shopping in. It’s a vehicle that’s able to flaunt its curves with both sophistication and robustness on the highway while driving long. What you should look forward to is a decent enough towing capacity, a reproduction of a powerful engine behind the famous kidney grill.

Fuel performance

After the last change, we’ve seen the M50i’s fuel economy increase one mpg to 17, probably thanks to all of the highway travel it’s experienced as things slowly begin to reopen. Fuel performance in the X7 is largely dependent on self-control. Take too much into the throttle and the mpg will look like our towing number where we’ve seen an average of 14 mpg. On the highway, 22 mpg are the largest number of employees on the route. However, we have achieved an excellent 25 mpg in our managed 75-mph road fuel-economy test. Now that we’ve bought a hitch, the X7 will hold packaging for miles and will hopefully inspire us more.

Fleet per Months: Current Mileage for 9 months: 24,337 miles

Average Fuel Economy: 17 mpg

Size of fuel tank: 21.9 gal Observed Fuel Range: 370 miles

Service: $0 Normal Wear: $0 Repair:$0

Damage and Destruction: $40

The 2020 BMW X7 M50i is able to fuel a total of 15 MPG in the city while on the highways it can fill up to 21 MPG. The BMW X7 shows clearly its lack of interest in channelling the maximum distance per gallon of fuel with a combined kilometre, 17 miles per gallon. In this regard, although the Mercedes Benz GLS 580 is heavily available, it surely convinces us with its class economy.

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2020 BMW X7 M50i Interior


The interior of the 2020 BMW X7 M50i cannot be enough to flaunt. Broad open doors will greet you in all the splendour, whilst the front dashboard is covered by a multimedia monitor and 12.3″ touch-screen. The front seat is more than adequate to hold the maximum passengers away from the air while the leg space makes those long drives relaxed and easy. The X7 M50i is the best of all worlds when it comes to interiors, and it has some of its character from the smaller BMW X5 and the 7 series sedan.

Interior fitting

In this Bavarian flagship cross-over, you have a range of choices for interior fitting. The realistic third series functions with it more as most of the deals in this section only tend to be formal. We want the 2020 M50i to be defined as a glider on the go. The M50i is a dream comfort vehicle, designed with pure brilliance on the comfort front, 16-way adjustment, massage function and more than sufficient legroom.

Model2020 BMW X7 Version M50i2020 Mercedes-Benz Version GLS 5802020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Version SVR
  Capacity of seats    7  7  5
  First Row of seats (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)  41.9/60/39.8  39.4/59.3/N/A  39.5/60.7/42.2
  Seats of Second Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)  39.9/58.1/37.6  40.2/58.9/N/A  39.1/59.5/37
  Seats of Third Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)    36.6/47.9/33.3  38.9/50.3/N/A  N/A

While we always disapprove of the last bench’s lack of thigh support, it is still better than any other offers. For e.g., the Range Rover Sport SVR does not allow you to hold two other people on the back, and this is where the BMW X7 M50i takes the upper hand. Comfort, however is the kingdom of Mercedes, and the GLS 580 shows this attribute extravagantly, exceeding most of its rivals.

What’s there in BMW X7 M50i for you to entertain?


Apple CarPlay, 10-speaker auditory system, an integrated navigation system, Wi-Fi on board and wireless mobile charging pad form the standard features of the 2020 BMW X7. In addition to this the luxury appeal of SUVs is complemented with various features, such as heated front seats, panoramic sunroofs with power adjustment wheel and 12-color ambient indoor lighting. Unfortunately, Android users can schedule a move towards Apple if the heart of this car is still trapped, as BMW still does not seem to like Android Auto’s in its offerings.

If you just grip the steering wheel and press the pedal, you have longer rides. In the modern day and the moment, entertainment is an important feature of automobiles. Following this philosophy, features including rear audio control and free Wi-Fi make the 2020 X7 M50i a fun SUV. Additional BMW M50i 2020 infotainment capabilities include:

  • SiriusXM AM/FM/HD/Satellite with search-scan
  • Multi-source back audio controls
  • 16-speaker setup for Harman/Kardon
  • Sensitive volume of speed
  • Main touchscreen display
  • WiFi Hotspot with 3-month or 3GB free trial internet connection
  • Steering-wheel-mounted audio sensors
  • Integration of Mobile Gadgets
  • 9.2-inch back touch screen

What are the main features of the BMW X7 M50i inside?

BMW is very fond of making vehicles tech-friendly, as is the case with the 2020 BMW X7 M50i. Bringing the flag of the Bavarian maker, this SUV comes fitted with all the bells and whistles to satisfy its owner. The huge sunroof is one of the best in the company and guarantees a comfortable cabin like no other SUV results. It may have been one of its USPs.

If we had to pick up, we couldn’t keep our eyes off the finely made gear knob. It’s so pretty that you do not want to end up with finger smudges on it. Filled up with some of the best-in-class features, the BMW X7 M50i sets itself apart from the crowd with some stand-alone features, such as:

  • Control driver and passenger on upper backrest
  • Steering wheel for activities
  • Center front armrest  
  • Steering wheel Leather/metal-look
  •  Panoramic sunroof dual-pane     
  • Split-bench seat fixed in the third row 50-50 control
  • Passenger side seat back bolster support
  • Dashboard with leather
  • Driver and passenger-hot cushions
  • Complete Alcantara Suede Headliner simulated
  • Massaging of the driver and the lumbar rider

How much cargo can the BMW X7 M50i carry?

As we reported, the versatility of the 2020 BMW X7 M50i is great. Flip the rear seats and you’ll have all the room you need to carry all those large camping bags or golf clubs for that matter. Flipping them isn’t going to be troublesome either, given that all these seats are power-operated. Only by clicking the button, the seats fold down automatically and conveniently tuck together, making for a flat-bed-like configuration.

With all the seats running, you have about 48.6 cubic feet of room at your disposal, which is decent enough for airport transfers and small getaways. The tailgate lifts high and wide, and the low boot lip ensures that you don’t have to carry your luggage any higher for loading/unloading. If completed, you can close the tail gate with another dedicated button installed on the gate itself.

The BMW X7 M50i stands high in this area and boasts the best space in the segment and has a cargo capacity of 90.4 cu-ft. The Range Rover Sport SVR remains out of the question as it does not have the third row. So there’s ample cargo space here, but you can get a lot of space in the three-row SUVs if the third row is folded down. It’s your decision.

2020 BMW X7 M50i Exterior

The BMW X7 M50i brings luxury and convenience to its sheer scale. With a weight of more than 5660 lbs, the M50i comes standard with off-road ground clearance capable, competitive legroom and headroom and wide enough seats to easily fit 5 passengers in the rear seats and 2 in the front. Hands down, this is the best-looking SUV BMW ever produced in a while. The LED DRLs that comfort the kidney grill on the front show a juicy mixture of intestines and glory, luxury and robustness. Hat crescents compliment the dynamics, while the chrome finish all over the front shows the vehicle’s luxury appeal.

Flow the fingertips over the A-pillar, and a prominent crease follows along the B-pillar and through the rear. Roof rails at the top are good enough to fulfil their duties. Prominent enough front and rear skid plates to make it look and sound everywhere. When you’re amazed from a distance of one shoulder you can feel the executive’s length when you can add a $90 k SUV with chrome tips on the exhaust and Lead tail lamps.

Despite its heavy dimensions, the BMW X7 M50i is not as brazen as the Mercedes Benz GLS 580. The X7 has a long and wide hood, which is sure to take notice of you anywhere but it loses on the front wheelbase and eliminates the additional space from the cabin. This is where the cake is taken out by the 205.2 inch Mercedes-Benz GLS 580. The Range Rover Sport SVR, with just two rows of seating areas, nevertheless challenges these larger SUVs competently in terms of external measurements.

What are the highlights of BMW X7 M50i exterior?

The 2020 BMW X7 M50i combines a sturdy and responsive appearance. The X7 M50i has external features like the delicate curves representing his ability to adrenalin:

  • Black color grill
  •  Insert rear metal look bumper.
  • Galvanized material for the body steel, aluminium and composite.
  • Remote power on the right side with tilt down door mirror
  • Molding of the wheel well
  • Category IV harness trailer, hitch
  • Door handles in body colour.
  • Front and back bumpers with body paint.
  • Roof racks

2020 BMW X7 M50i Safety

The BMW X7 M50i is based only on a revamped CLAR design first used in the BMW X5. That is also why the X7 is handling like a compact car and definitely encourages a lot of faith in the person behind the wheel. Although the design is already confidence-built, BMW has introduced automatic emergency braking systems with pedestrian identification, track departure warnings and rear-cross-traffic signal blind-spot tracking to the BMW X7 M50i 2020 standard. Other features related to passenger protection in the X7 include in addition:

  • Front and rear ventilated disc brakes
  • Remote activated perimeter/approach lights
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Side-impact bars
  • Electronic stability
  • Break-resistant glass
  • Traction control S
  • 4 ABS channels
  • Run-flat rear tires