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The Road To Ladakh: A Ride On Royal Enfield

by Sweeta Gupta
The Road To Ladakh: A Ride On Royal Enfield

A trip to Ladakh is a definitive relief from the singing warmth of summer in India. Bikers and travelers enthusiastically wait for an ideal time to hit the road and have a ride on royal enfield to Ladakh at the time of summer season.

The picture of the road to Ladakh has become more and more attractive with every passing year with a growing demand for biking tours.

Most bike enthusiasts agree that a bike ride in Ladakh is on par with riding in Tibet, Loess Plateau or any other exotic part of the country.

Ladakh- where heaven meets the Earth

The Road To Ladakh: A Ride On Royal Enfield, bikers and travelers

So it’s a story of Radhika Sharma from India who share her experience throughout the journey to ladakh.

I’m always fond of traveling however I am unlike travel junkies who are driven by hunger for new experiences. But, I am a petrol head cum traveler with the passion for driving whatever has an engine in it.

In June, 2010, my innate desire for driving took me on a trip to the valley of Ladakh in the Himalayas just to discover the beauty that India is.

I’ve put together a few of my experiences from the trip to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to ride in Ladakh. The road to Ladakh is more than just one way trip.

Planning and Companion

My Ladakh road trip is all about 8 friends, 5 bikes, heaps of riding and Ladakh itself. The carrier of choice was Royal Enfield for the deep rooted journey from Mumbai to Leh through Delhi and Manali.

We rode the Royal Enfield bikes for an astounding distance of 5200 kms.

In spite of being an avid petroleum head, I didn’t drive the bikes on that trip. Maybe, I preferred being a pillion all the way. We friends got together in Delhi, and afterward set out for a 520km long ride to Manali when the night started getting hazier.

The Journey:

Our first stop was in Kanatal, a little town situated amidst the snow on the way to Manali. Next morning was exciting as we took a brisk ride uphill, with the Himalayas staring at us from right across the Beas.

The crisp mountains topped with snow made us feel that everything is just perfect, no further wishes needed. The hills of Manali were alluring and we spent two nights there admiring the view of Indian Himalayas all around us.

The streets – NH1 and NH3 – were quite good and safe a lot shockingly. The bikes were serviced in Manali for issue free, efficient riding. We picked a first aid kit, a few medicines and new helmets as well.

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Rohtang- Our Destination

We took an off road to Rohtang and get nearer to our destination. We crossed Rohtang early in the morning and reached Koksar by noon and spent next two days exploring nearby places like Darcha, Rangdum, Pang. We stopped for a short break at Pang and enjoyed the views of snow capped mountains surrounding us.

It looked like we were in a fairy land where everything seemed to be in harmony. It took us five day to reach Leh.

We had a good time over cups of chai (tea) on the roadside camps where we talked with the kindhearted people. The kindness of hospitality is still left with me.

The joy of having Maggi at high altitudes is many times more than that on plains. We were stuck in traffic jams few times on the way to Leh, and it was amusing. The ride from Manali to Leh was exciting.

After that we reached Ladakh via Rohtang Pass and savored every moment of it with sheer pleasure.

Must Visit Place

The Road To Ladakh: A Ride On Royal Enfield, bike ride to ladakh

Leh is the best holiday destination for different kind of people having different kind of tastes.

You can experience the historical, cultural and religious heritage of the land. We stayed in Leh for two days and we enjoyed every moments of it. Leh is not only a gateway to Ladakh, but also a great tourist destination in itself.

It has been an important trade route between Central Asia and China since ancient times. We planned to visit Nubra Valley and Siachen Glacier. The two places are famous for their extreme climatic conditions, which makes it one of the world’s most remote locations.

After that we decided to hit the road back home. This road trip to ladakh was so joyful, we enjoyed every second of it.

Last day and the experience

Our last day could be the best one and more relaxed.

We spent it exploring Leh, driving across the Everest pass and visiting some of the most interesting places in Ladakh. Our trip to Ladakh has left us with great memories and a feeling of home!

It was great to spend time in this beautiful country with our friends. It was an unforgettable experience, made even better by meeting such nice people to share our experiences.

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