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Know which are the best cars for women

by Navyatha Sandiri

Times have changed. Women are more autonomous and take all the main decisions to make in a family or an organization and Know which are the best cars for women. Increased employment among women, continued expansion in suburban areas, and a failure to provide for the public transit system to meet individual needs is essential to understanding why women are increasingly relying on cars. Research suggests women want small, safe, fuel-efficient, maneuverable vehicles. Other essential design features include comfort, easy access, material quality, color, and technology (that enhances safety and maneuverability).

The number of car drivers in women has increased, women have made them one of the main end-users of the automotive industry more leisurely than men and know the best cars for women. Women prefer personal mobility choices that give them the freedom to balance time, work, and family in metro cities, where women from nuclear families and both husband and wife work.

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The age of woman purchasers decreases from 35-40 to 25-35 is one of the big trends occurring. Furthermore, incomes have risen steadily, allowing women to invest easily in a car that meets their needs.

Other considerations are included in the package, automatic transmission, ABS, airbags, car parking cameras, electronical foldable mirrors, and navigational options, as well as price and design, such as easy entrance and useful interior storage facilities. With this in mind, car firms have begun to take steps to innovate and design women’s needs-based vehicles. Some initiatives by carmakers are introduced by automotive gear change in many models, female-oriented accessories, and driving instruction.

Women are buying cars of all segments from small cars like Maruti Suzuki Alto, Renault Kwid and luxury cars from Mercedes Benz and BMW. They are specific about their vehicles, which is different from seeing the big picture and paying careful attention to its characteristics and other specifics, making them a tough customer.

Best Cars for Women

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

best cars for  women

India’s most successful automotive brand, Maruti, launched its much-anticipated Delhi Auto Expo 2014 hatchback Maruti Celerio. The production version, based on the Suzuki A-star design, has a robust structure and compact dimensions which makes it perfect for urban driving. The Celerio is a preference of women with the choice of an automated gearbox and airbags.

Prices vary from Rs 4.41 to Rs 5.5 lakhs for a new celerio, and from 3.8 lakhs to 4.43 lakhs for a new celerio and a pre-owned one.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

best cars for  women

In the Indian market, Maruti Swift is among the most wanted vehicles. The sporty style and good handling of the Swift are why we suggest this car to buy women for the first time. It has a versatile steering system and smooth power windows that are checked on Indian roads for stability and protection. The only weakness is the absence of an optional automatic transmission.

Pricing ranges from Rs 5.19 lakhs to Rs 8.8 lakhs (Ex-Showroom, Delhi), with the price starting from Rs 3.4 lakhs to 4.65 lakhs for a new Swift and a pre-owned one.

Hyundai Grand i10

best cars for  women

The Grand i10 is a large and compact car with excellent space management that makes baggage a breeze. The luxury Hyundai hatchback makes it suitable for small families and its elegant appearance ensures that heads turn. Petrol and diesel versions of the Grand i10s are both known for their high efficiency and kilometric accuracy.

The prices for the latest i10 and a pre-owned i10 are from Rs 3,8 lakhs to 4.4 lakhs (Rs 5,8 lakhs) to Rs 5.9 lakhs (Ex-Showroom, Delhi).

Nissan Micra

best cars for  women

The Nissan Micra is a car that women love for its sweet look and it registered great sales when it first came into service. It is available in sleek and stylish colors, along with a powerful diesel-powered gasoline engine. The automatic transmission makes the deal more comfortable for the lady drivers to enjoy this car.

Prices range from Rs 6.62 lakhs to Rs 8.12 lakh (Delhi Ex-Showroom), starting from Rs 4.40 lakhs to 5.2 lakhs for the new Micra and a preowned one.

Volkswagen Polo

best cars for  women

Polo is the safest car on this list with the Global NCAP ranking of 4 stars. The Polo has a powerful engine and high-quality interiors, which make driving on Indian roads a pleasure. The car may look masculine, but it does mean that it’s a car that’s fitting for a woman behind the wheel.

The prices for a new Polo and pre-owned Polo vary from Rs5.82 lakhs to Rs7.76 lakhs (Ex-Showroom in Delhi).

Hyundai Eon

best cars for  women

Eon looks amazing. Eon looks great. With a stunning exterior and an even more attractive interior that will surprise you pleasantly. The only weakness is that this car has no ABS, but an airbag is available in the higher models.

The price ranges for a new Eon, and for a pre-owned one, from Rs 2.05 to 3.20 lakh, from Rs 3.32 lakhs to Rs 4.68 lakhs (Ex-Showroom, Delhi).

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                                                    For Those Looking for Bigger

While most women purchase hatchbacks as their first vehicles, many upgrades and seek a more comprehensive and luxurious kit. The Hyundai Creta and Toyota Camry are two very good cars in the demographics of women.

Hyundai Creta

best cars for  women

The Hyundai Creta delivers fast and efficient driving and healthy driving. It offers a solid body structure as well as refined results. These factors, together with its emblematic style, make it a good move in the Hyundai Crete for women to own an SUV car.

The rates can vary between Rs 10 Lakhs and 15.5 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) and the new Creta, and from Rs 8 Lakhs to Rs 12.3 Lakhs for the pre-owned one.

Toyota Camry

best cars for  women

The Toyota Camry comes with a hybrid electric motor of the 4th generation. It’s a hybrid automobile that gives customers the option of five seats that look nice on head and head. The handling is lightweight and simple to handle, making any drive easy. Women like this car because of its safety, elegant exterior and interior design, high-performance comfort, and technical skills.

For a new camry and a previous one, the prices range from Rs 35.7 lakhs and start with Rs. 11.5 lakhs prices.

Car ownership among women is growing progressively, and carmakers are notifying themselves. Every new model is introduced with features designed to make the whole driving experience comfortable. Cars are no longer seen as purchases of utilities but rather as purchases of lifestyles.