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KIA Seltos Vs MG Hector: Which is the best buy?

by Mahima Bhatnagar
KIA Seltos Vs MG Hector

With the upcoming entry of two new players into India’s SUV market, it is highly likely that most consumers will face significant challenges when deciding which car to purchase. All the players in the market have their own unique features which make them appealing to different customer segments. In deciding which brand one should purchase, it is imperative that the customer looks at a number of key aspects relate to his or her needs and how the vehicle satisfies them. This article compares the Kia Seltos and the MG Hector with the aim of determining which car is best for one to buy.

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With regards to the car dimensions, the Hector surpasses the Seltos in all key aspects. The Hector is bigger than the Seltos in size and has a ground clearance of 192 mm while that of the Seltos is 190mm. Due to the state of roads in India, it is logical for one to argue that with regards to clearance the Hector is the better option. Another key area of comparison on the basis of dimension is boot capacity. The Hector has a boot capacity of 587 litres while the Saltos has a boot capacity of 433 litres. Therefore with regards to load capacity it is logical for one to argue that the Hector is still the best option given the fact that most families in India utilize SUV’s largely because of their large load capacity.

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On the basis of Engines, though both the two cars have three different options. The Hector provides for more powerful engines that are capable of easily tackling the very challenging roads in India. Taking all the different factors into consideration, it is logical for one to argue that for the Indian market, the best option for consumers to purchase is the MG Hector.