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Kia India Set to Launch EV9 Electric SUV Next Year

by Navyatha Sandiri

The EV9, Kia’s top-of-the-line electric SUV, would arrive in India the following year. The EV9 prototype was unveiled by the South Korean company earlier this year at Auto Expo 2023. Global sales of the production-spec EV9 began in March 2023.

  • In India, the Kia EV9 would be positioned above the EV6.
  • a three-row cabin with a variety of seating arrangements
  • features RWD, AWD, and a variety of range options.

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EV9 part of Kia 2.0 strategy for India

Kia India’s Kia 2.0 strategy aims to achieve a 10 percent market share in the Indian market and includes the introduction of new models, including the EV9. In addition, Kia plans to expand its touchpoints to around 600, doubling its current presence in order to increase its volumes and market share in India. The EV9 is expected to be one of the models that will contribute to Kia’s growth in the country as it focuses on expanding its electric vehicle lineup.

According to the information provided, the Kia EV9, an all-electric SUV, is scheduled to be launched in India next year. It will be Kia’s second electric vehicle for the Indian market, following the EV6. Taejin Park, Kia India CEO, mentioned that the EV9 will be positioned at the premium end of the EV market, indicating a top-down strategy for Kia’s electric vehicle lineup in India.

Additionally, Kia has plans to introduce an all-new mass-market electric vehicle manufactured in India, which is expected to be available in showrooms by 2025. This indicates that Kia aims to target a wider range of customers with its electric vehicle offerings, starting with premium models like the EV9 and EV6, and gradually expanding to more affordable options in the future.

Kia’s global flagship vehicle is the EV9.

The EV9 is the first fully new Kia designed under the direction of ex-BMW stylist Karim Habib. It is also Kia’s most costly and largest electric SUV internationally. The EV9 is a well-positioned SUV with a distinct two-box design. It features daring design elements that are gradually making their way onto other Kia models. Depending on the model, it has a three-row interior with different seating arrangements. The EV9 electric SUV from Kia is advertised as the company’s response to similarly priced and sized electric SUVs from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Options for the Kia EV9’s battery, drivetrain, and range

The Kia EV9 offers three powertrain options internationally, each with different battery capacities and range capabilities. Here are the available powertrain and range options:

EV9 RWD: This variant features rear-wheel drive and is equipped with a 76.1kWh battery. Unfortunately, the specific range figure for this configuration has not been disclosed.

EV9 RWD Long Range: The long-range version of the EV9 also features rear-wheel drive but is equipped with a larger 99.8kWh battery. The exact range figure for this variant has not been provided.

EV9 AWD: The top-spec variant of the EV9 is equipped with all-wheel drive and features two electric motors. However, the range figure for this configuration has not been revealed by Kia.

Please note that the specific power outputs, performance figures, and charging capabilities for each powertrain variant of the Kia EV9 have not been mentioned in the provided information. For detailed and up-to-date specifications, it is recommended to refer to official Kia sources or contact authorized Kia dealerships.

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Kia EV9: India launch details

The Kia EV9 is set to be the most expensive offering from Kia in India upon its launch. It is expected to compete with models like the BMW iX in certain markets. Considering the pricing of the fully imported BMW iX in India, which starts at over Rs 1 crore, it is anticipated that the EV9 will have a similar price range. As a full import, the SUV will be available in limited numbers, following a strategy similar to its German rival.

In addition to the EV9, Kia has plans to introduce the all-new Carnival MPV and the facelifted Sonet in India next year. These models will provide additional options for customers looking for different vehicle types and specifications in the Indian market.

Please note that the pricing details and launch timeline provided here are based on the available information up to my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to refer to official Kia announcements or contact authorized Kia dealerships in India.