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A Brief History On An Automobile: Karl Benz The First Practical Automobile Car

by CarMyCar Desk
karl benz the first practicle automobile car

No invention has transformed this world on a massive scale than the automobile. Automobiles are used for both commercial and entertainment. One of the most expensive things to acquire and maintain and why not the heavy tax, services are tough to maintain. 

The very first automobile was invented in Germany in 1880 which had an internal combustion engine. In 1903 Henry Ford started as an automobile industry leader which lasted through the late 19 century. It was Henry Ford who invented assembly line production in 1913 which reduced the production cost and time resulting in the Ford company being able to manufacture the cars which could be afforded by even an average person.

 Ford first introduced the Model T which got popular due to its assembly line production. But as the time passed the automobile industry was concentrated in very few hands and by 2003 ford was the second-largest auto manufacturer in the world.

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Karl Benz: The First Practical Automobile Car 

Karl Benz was born in 1844 and invented the very first stationary gasoline engine which was two-cylinder and a two-stroke unit which ran the first time on the new year evening in 1879. Benz got enough success with the engine that he was able to put more time into creating a lightweight war which was powered by gasoline engines.

Karl Benz The First Practical Automobile Car

In this car, the chassis and engine were formed as a single unit. The major feature of the two-seater car was completed in 1885 in which the impact of a high-speed four-stroke single-cylinder engine was featured horizontally. 

The engine was the very first of the automobile industry and could output 0.75 hp. The car also included an automatic slide, a well-controlled exhaust and high ignition with the spark plug.

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Developing The Motorwagen 

Benz started his work by working on a two-stroke engine in hopes of making a new source of income. He developed many parts of the engine which included the throttle, ignition, spark plugs, clutch, and radiator.

Developing The Motorwagen

In 1883 he founded his own company named Benz and company. Which used to produce industrial engines. Later Benz started designing a motor carriage with a four-stroke engine. 

In 1885 the very first car was driven in Mannheim, Germany. It recorded a top speed of 8 miles per hour. After receiving the patent the Benz company started selling its gas-fueled automobile in 1886. 

The First Practical Automobile :

The date was January 29, 1886, Carl Benz got the patent for his vehicle which was powered by a gas engine. The patent number 37435 is regarded as the birth certificate for the first automobile car. Double-pivot steering, contra engine, planetary gear transmission.

The First Practical Automobile

Carl Benz was also the person who patented the double pivot steering system in 1893. And solved one of the biggest problems in automobiles. The first Benz was three hp. 


By the year 1897, the world saw the development of twin engines which had two horizontal single-cylinder units parallel which later proved to be useless and unsatisfactory. However, this unit used to generate up to 16 Hp in various variants.

Later Years And Retirement Of Benz:

In 1893 Benz company had already produced 1200 velos which made it the world ‘s first inexpensive car. It also participated in the world ‘s first automobile race in 1894. And in 1903 Benz retired from Benz and company and later the person who has the most important role in the automobile industry passed away in 1929.

Later Years And Retirement Of Benz

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