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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon : The Beast For Offroads

by CarMyCar Desk
jeep wrangler rubicon

Here comes the beast of all offroad vehicles. Jeep india launches JEEP WRANGLER RUBICON.

General Specification:

1.    It is imported with a CBU (completely built unit)

2.    Equipped with mud-terrain tires.

3.    Electronically enabled controlled sway bar mount 

4.    2.0 capacity four cylinders petrol engine 

The leading automobile company jeep recently launched its wrangler Rubicon at the price of 68.94 lakhs. This tough offroader will be available in 5 door variant and will be available for delivery from the 15th of March 2020.

wrangler Rubicon launched at the price of 68.94 lakhs.

The early variant wrangler was although capable of heavy loads but jeep India wanted to give features and technology in the successor variant. The wrangler can easily climb rocks and cross ford rivers. This model ‘rubicon’ is similar to the wrangler in terms of looks. It has similar black flares and decal on the bonnet. However, the slight difference lies in the running kit. The rubicon is 10mm taller when compared with the stock SUV. 

The differences also lie in the terrain tires and in the unique suspension system. These changes in the vehicle have made it a better option over any offroader.

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Similar to the standard model rubicon has retained the leather-wrapped levers, steering wheels, along with seats and soft-touch dashboard.

The Rubicon is powered by a 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol-based engine, with a capacity of 2.0 liters which gives it a stunning power of 268PS and 400Nm. This model has also got bigger batteries and alternators as compared to the standard model.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

As JEEP India has launched as a completely built unit, hence it has a high price tag. Now it depends on you whether you will pay for such an offroad beast or not.

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