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Introducing new BH series plates registration

by Navyatha Sandiri
new BH series

The new BH series plates will be available to members of the military, the federal and state governments, and a few select companies.

The Ministry of Road Transportation & Highways (MoRTH) has introduced a new vehicle registration mark – the Bharat Series – in order to relieve Motorcraft going from one indigenous country to the other (BH-series). MoRTH had just suggested a few months ago this new Pan-Indian vehicle registration series. When the owner moves from one country to another, a car bearing the BH mark will not require a new registration.

  • Available for defence staff, the government and selected enterprises
  • Only two years of road tax collected

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Availability and format of BH series plates

According to the MoRTH Notification, this capability is provided to defense staff, central and state governments of PSUs, and private sector enterprises with offices in four or more countries/Union territories on a voluntary basis (UT).

The Bharat Series format includes the year of registration for a vehicle, the number, and the alphabets of the BH code for the Bharat Series.

BH plates series: structure of the road tax

The tax will be levied for two or two years in accordance with the new BH Series. “Every year after the 14th year the motor vehicle or the road tax will be charged. That means half the amount previously charged for this car.” The notice from MoRTH says.

The system will make it easier for individual automobiles to move across states and UTs when transferred to a new state/UT.

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The current movement of cars to a new state

The car owner is currently prohibited from maintaining a vehicle in another state for more than 12 months under section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act and must be re-enrolled with the new State. In order to do it, the car owner has to obtain a parent state NOC to register the car in the new state. In addition, after the pro-rata route tax is paid in the new country, the vehicle must be awarded a new trademark. The request for a refund of the parent state road tax must be followed up on a pro-rata basis. Nowadays, the least it can say is quite complicated “as read and reported by www.businesstoday.in”.