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Introducing Jeep Commander 3-rows SUV Officially announced

by Navyatha Sandiri
Jeep Commander 3-rows SUV

Finally, revealed Jeep Commander 3-rows SUV, internally known as the Jeep Low-D, to be offered as the Jeep Meridian in India. The model will be launched in Brazil, and in mid-2022 India will be launched.

  • Style influenced by the wider Jeep SUVs.
  • Gets more than Compass features
  • Will arrive with a 2 litre diesel engine in India

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Jeep Commander: what is new? Jeep Commander (Meridian)

In India and Brazil, the Commander was tested on several occasions last year. The three-row Jeep Commander is given a few unique pieces to distinguish from the two-row Compass SUV it is built on. Official pictures indicate At the Jeep facility of Goiana, Brazil, the Commander will be constructed, which also makes the Compass, Renegade and Fiat Toro, all of which have the same platform as the Commander. The Commander In the Ranjangaon plant in India, which also makes and exports the Compass globally, right-hand drive models will be built.

Jeep Commander: What is different from Compass?

At first glance, the commander looks like a long compass, but the difference in design features is seen in a closer look. Actually, the Commander shares a bit of his style with the Grand Cherokee L. The front grille with the top half folded backwards and the known chrome feature on the upper corners are some of the design details that link back to the Compass. The rectangular fully-LED front lights and the thin taillights are designs featured on the Grand Cherokee of Jeep’s latest generation.

For dimensions, it has a length of 4,769 metres, 1.859 metres, and 1.682 metres, making its width 364 metres, 41 metres, and 42 metres. The Commander has a 2.794mm wheelbase, which is 158mm longer than the Compass again.

When viewed from the sides, the additional length is obvious with the rear doors and fourth windows larger than the Compass. The rear overhang appears longer apart from the lengthy wheelbase. The Commander’s tailgate is straighter and looks upscale from the rear three quarters, especially like other jeep models like the new Wagoneer SUV flagship. The chrome strip of narrow LED taillights completes this design.

Commander of the jeep (meridians): Compass-like interior

The dashboard design inside is almost the same as the Compass, but new metal inserts and a suede fabric finish on the dashboard and door panels indicate a closer look. The front seats are also right out of the compass, even if they are coated in brown leather cover with broken suede detailing. The words ‘Jeep 1941’ on the front centre armrest are a unique design element. The rose gold embellishments on the middle console are also really attractive.

The Commander also has a 10.25″ digital instrument cluster like the newly revised Compass in India, while the central wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment screen is 10.1 inches. Other amenities include electrically controlled driver and passenger seats, wireless phone charger, interconnected car functionality, virtual assistant Alexa, panoramic sunroof, music system Harman Kardon, electronic cooker and more. Seven airbags, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking system, lane maintenance help and more are included in safety features.

Obviously, the Commander’s third row of chairs is his most crucial highlight. The second-row seats are divided 60:40 in order to enable access to the third row. Passengers from the third line will also be provided with facilities including blower speed adaptations and USB charger outlets.

Jeep Commander 3-rows SUV

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Meridian Jeep Commander: Hybrid-mild diesel confirmed

Jeep in Brazil decided to continue the 2.0-litre MultiJet diesel engine for the Commander, the present 170hp, 380Nm (30Nm higher than the Compass). This motor is connected to an automatic 9-speed transmission and is equipped with a 4×4 series.

Although the Brazilian Jeep Commander diesel does not have the hypothesised mild-hybrid system, a mild-hybrid system with more power is projected to be developed in India by the right-hand drive versions of the Commander (Meridian).

In addition, the Commander has a 185hp and 270Nm turbo-fuel tech 1.3-litre engine. This engine is coupled with an automatic 6-speed drive and solely drives the front wheels. The Compass marketed worldwide and several other Stellantis models are the same engine.

Jeep Commander: Details of the launch for India

The commander is sold in India as Jeep Meridian and will be launched in the middle of 2022. The Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavor, and Skoda Kodiaq would be the main competition in India “as read and reported by www.autocarindia.com”.