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Indian Oil’s XtraGreen Diesel is a cleaner, more fuel-efficient diesel.

by Navyatha Sandiri
XtraGreen diesel

IOCL has introduced XtraGreen, which it describes as a “cleaner and greener” version of the diesel, at 126 of its gasoline stations in 63 cities across the country.

  • It’s available at 126 gas stations in 63 cities.
  • XtraGreen improves engine lubricity while also lowering noise levels.
  • IOCL has recently introduced the ‘One4U’ fuel gift card.

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The new XtraGreen Diesel fuel from Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) promises to be greener and more fuel-efficient. XtraGreen is now available at 126 of the company’s fuel stations in 63 locations across the country. In the coming months, the company will expand its availability. The new XtraGreen diesel, according to Indian Oil, uses a redesigned DMFA (Diesel Multi-Functional Additive) to reduce pollutants and enhance fuel efficiency.

Indian Oil claims that its new XtraGreen diesel features a modified DMFA (Diesel Multi-Functional Additive) that offers several benefits above regular diesel. XtraGreen is supposed to enhance fuel efficiency by 5 to 6%, lower CO2 emissions (130 grammes of CO2 per litre of diesel), and lower carbon monoxide and NOx emissions by 5.29 and 4.99 per cent, respectively.

XtraGreen diesel

Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, Chairman of Indian Oil, stated regarding the introduction, “XtraGreen is aligned with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s pledge to lead India to a greener tomorrow by reducing carbon emissions continuously and gradually achieving the net-zero objective by 2070. This demonstrates IndianOil’s consistent commitment to providing niche and specialised solutions to environmentally conscious market groups while always improving the user experience.”

In addition to XtraGreen diesel, IOCL has created the ‘One4U’ fuel gift card, which is a retail fuel digital giving an alternative. “An individual may choose from a variety of gifting amounts, enter the recipient’s details, and pay for the voucher using a variety of payment options through a user-friendly and on-the-go digital platform,” Vaidya explained the benefits of the One4U gasoline gift card. I am convinced that our digital gifting solution will be well-received by millennials.”

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XtraGreen diesel improves fuel economy by 5-6 per cent while cutting CO2 emissions by 130 grammes per litre of diesel, according to Indian Oil. Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 5.29 per cent, and NOx emissions are reduced by 4.99 per cent. In addition, the XtraGreen diesel features a five-point boost in Cetane, higher lubricity, decreased engine noise, and greater corrosion prevention (NACE rating A).

Indian Oil has introduced the One4U fuel gift card, which may be used as a giving solution in addition to XtraGreen “as read and reported by www.autocarindia.com”.