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The Future Of Hyundai’s 911!

by CarMyCar Desk
the future of hyundai's 911

The new Hyundai beast is ready with an electrifying Design. The newly evolved Hyundai’s 911 is ready with an electrifying concept and design.

Some general specification :

  1. It symbolizes a classical Porsche design, especially from the end.
  2. The design highlights a soft dashboard and autonomous driving tech.
  3. The bit like pixel light will carry the future of Hyundai’s headlight.
  4. Other design highlights include pixel headlamps, integrated spoiler, propeller-shaped wheels, and vertical tail lamps.

Recently Hyundai launched a new video and gave us a glimpse of the new design of Hyundai’s 911. Many car makers believe that this design carries the future of Hyundai’s car.

Hyundai’s 911

When looked from the outside the vehicle has got a sporty finish like a coupe silhouette. However, the design looks similar to the Porsche 911, especially the rear end of the vehicle gives the exact look of Porsche’s 911.

The bit like pixel light gives an extremely professional finish to the vehicle, and the concept of the tail lamp and headlamp are fantastic.

When headed inside the first glance gives a feel of the TRON movie. The vehicle features autonomous tech along with the digital dashboard.

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The very interesting design is that instead of the steering wheel the driver gets two joysticks to control the car and its function.

This design is uniquely awesome as to date no such design has been available in the market. We may not be able to see any such class futuristic design of such prophecy concept EV in the upcoming future but the bit like pixel concept of the headlight will surely make its way to the future cars and vehicles.

No news or confirmed launch date has been provided from the company’s end. But the consumers and the automobile lovers should be ready for this beast futuristic model which will surely rule the market.

Hyundai’s 911

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