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Hyundai Motors’ flood-affected customers in Mumbai are being helped.

by Navyatha Sandiri
Hyundai Motors' flood-affected customers
  • After heavy rains, Hyundai will provide free roadside assistance for one year to Hyundai Motors’ flood-affected customers whose vehicles have been damaged by water logging and heavy rainstorms.
  • A special service team has been formed by Hyundai in Mumbai to assist the customers of the city.

Hyundai Motors’ flood-affected customers in Mumbai, Hyundai Motors India Ltd. has formed a relief task force to assist customers whose vehicles have been damaged due to flooding. Last week, Mumbai was hit by heavy rains and several cars became stranded due to rising water levels.

As a result of the Mumbai floods, Hyundai has set up a dedicated emergency road service team to assist flood-affected customers. This includes 36 flatbed trucks and 24 towing vehicles.

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A Hyundai India task force has been formed to assist flood-affected customers in Mumbai. Due to the heavy rains, Hyundai has set up a dedicated emergency road service team, along with additional support of 36 flatbed trucks and 24 Towing Trucks. More than 33,000 text messages have been sent to customers to inform them of safety precautions and emergency contact information, the company says.

When referring to the company’s initiative, S Punnaivanam, Vice President – National Service, Hyundai Motor India, commented on the initiative: “Due to its responsibility and customer-centricity, Hyundai is one of the leading brands when it comes to providing the best service assistance during stressful times. Our mission is to provide our customers with ‘Peace of Mind’ by providing them with the best possible mobility solutions. In the event of an emergency or vehicle breakdown, we ask our customers to take basic precautions on the road and call our experts immediately.”

Hyundai Motors' flood-affected customers

Hyundai has assigned over 100 technicians to assist with vehicle repairs, ensuring a seamless service. It has also activated a toll-free number (0124-4343937) for customers to call if they need to tow their vehicles. Customer discounts on spare parts for repairs and restorations of flood-affected vehicles are also available, as is a 50 percent discount on depreciation on insurance claims.

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In addition, the automaker has ensured that insurance companies will also assist its customers by assigning surveyors to enhance flood claim settlement procedures.

Even Maruti Suzuki India announced early this month that it would offer customers precautionary measures to prevent car damage during the floods in the city of Mumbai. Over 3.5 lakh SMSes have been sent out as part of the initiative, which also involves partnerships with towing agencies.