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2020 Honda City luxury hatchback to replace Jazz in Asian markets

by Navyatha Sandiri

There are clear reports from Honda Malaysia that the fourth generation of Jazz, a luxury hatchback, will soon discontinue and replaced by Honda City Hatchback. However, there is no clarification from the Japanese producer on this yet. Honda Jazz is also known in many countries as Honda Fit. There have been four generations of jazz in foreign markets. Whereas in India, we’ve just had two generations with both of them having facelifts, the second generation, and the third generation.

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Price :

Honda recently launched the City Hatchback in Bangkok, Thailand, to replace the void in the line-up left by Jazz. Although the City sedan was also releases in India, it received a positive response. The new City sedan at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 10.89 lakh. Also since the i20 is now a really high-quality Hyundai offering, it makes sense to introduce a hatchback version of the City that will be cheaper than the sedan and compete with the latest generation Hyundai i20.

Honda never introduced the fourth wave of Jazz in India because it was not well received on the international market. The 4th genre of jazz was much humorous on the international market because of its funky style. It did not make sense for the Japanese manufacturer to unleash an all-new hatchback generation that had not sold well in our region.

People who used to purchase premium hatchbacks have now switched to compact SUVs and the premium hatchback market has now been led by Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Hyundai i20, and Tata Motors’ first premium hatchback, Altroz. They were all considered way better than the Honda Jazz.

Cost-effective :

The new City Hatchback formed alongside the City Sedan, which means that there is a small possibility that Honda was already considering axing Jazz in place of the City Hatchback. It makes sense for Honda because the manufacture of two vehicles based on each other is a far more cost-effective form of production. Honda should just change the back end of the City Sedan to make the City Hatchback, while Jazz should create a brand new car, which will cost them a great deal of money.

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The City Hatchback has returned after 26 years, and we think it is really possible that Honda can stop the Jazz in our country. As described above the development of the City Hatchback would be much more productive than Jazz. Then there’s the low sale of jazz in India. There is no doubt that Jazz is not doing well on the Indian market. In contrast, the City Hatchback is longer and broader than the Jazz.

However, the greatest advantage of the City Hatchback is the longer wheelbase, which offers more room for the rear passengers. The interior of the City Hatchback will remain the same as the City Sedan. It would also have the same facilities as the sedan. However, it is not yet clear if Honda will unleash a new wave of Jazz in India or replace it with City Hatchback. This is something that only time can teach you “as reported by www.cartoq.com”.