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Honda Cars India announce Feb 2021 special discount offers.

by Navyatha Sandiri
  • Offers available for 2020 and 2021 year models
  • 6,000 Rs Loyalty Bonus for all existing Honda patrons.

Honda Cars India has announced a number of discounts and benefits to welcome the new year to the country. The New Year discounts and advantages are offered in certain models including the Jazz, fifth-generation City, Amaze Standard, special and exclusive edition, WR-V, and Honda Civic sedan which has recently been discontinued.

All petrol and diesel variants of Amaze’s compact sedan can be purchased with a cash discount and a bonus exchange rate of Rs 12,500. However, the cash discount and exchange benefit for the 2020-year model amounted to Rs 15.000 and Rs 10.000, respectively. The extended warranty for the 4th and 5th years can also be purchased for Rs 12,000. The Exclusive Edition of the sedan, which is only available in top-specific VX variants, can be used for an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000 and a cash discount of Rs 12,000. In the meantime, the Special Edition based on the lower S Trim can have a cash discount of Rs 7,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000.

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The all-new fifth-generation City is the latest revelation that can be made available by the Japanese car manufacturer with an attractive exchange bonus of Rs 10,000. For the 2020 model year of the new City, the cash discount is Rs 10,000, while the exchange benefit offered is Rs 20,000.

The WR-V crossover can also be used with an exchange and cash discount of Rs 15,000. In the case of the 2020-year model, the exchange bonus remains the same, but the cash discount rises to Rs 25.000. On the other hand, the Exclusive Edition proposes an exchange bonus and a cash discount of Rs 15.000 and Rs 10.000 respectively.


Jazz is only available with a petrol engine and can be bought with a cash discount and a Rs 15,000 exchange bonus. The older 2020-year model, if available, offers Rs 25,000 cash benefits and Rs 15,000 exchange bonuses. A loyalty bonus of Rs 6,000 is offered to all existing Honda clients. There are no benefits to Honda City’s fourth generation. All of the above offers are valid until 28 February and vary according to the availability of the stock at the dealerships as read and reported by “www.carwale.com”.