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Himalayan Royal Enfield Modified into a scrambler: redefines motorcycle art

by Navyatha Sandiri
Himalayan Royal Enfield

What if an architect faces a proposal to design a motorcycle? It may be a hit or a disaster recipe. However, it is a work of art in this case. This motorcycle is called ‘.02View,’ and although that is a strange name, it is a real pleasure to look at.

What is even surprising is that it has been modified to look like a Royal Himalayan Enfield. Pt Distributor Motor Indonesia (DMI) from the Indonesian distributor Royal Enfield hosted the country’s best designer’s designer competition. The competition also took place and won a well-known Indonesian architect Julián Palapa.

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The winning prize was a brand new Royal Enfield Himalayan and a chance to tour the Indonesian motor show circuit for his bike. DMI gave him seven months to complete the construction and make the motorcycle that he was designed.

Then, Julian Palapa hired a team to create the motorcycle and the result is a beautiful Himalayan Royal Enfield. Ok, some motorcycle parts are always from a Himalayan. Very simply, the .02View is a delightful combination between a scrambler and a cafe racer, and motorcyclists love all of these styles.

Up front is an almost robotic face in a boxy frame, with a circular headlight. The fuel tank is sleeker and more chiselled. The single-piece seat is a work of art, and the tail lamp below. The back part of the frame was chopped so that the seat ends just as the rear wheel starts. The.02View rides on front and rear spoked wheels.

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New twin headlamps, reworked front and rear guards with a customized beak are also included. The bike features a 120 mm front pneumatic section knobby and a 140 mm split back pneumatic pin, while a red-blood painting of your rear rim. A custom side-mounted instrument cluster and an LED backlight are also provided for this bike. The Himalayan Scrambler Royal Enfield misses the regular plate holder, which was replaced by the modified number plate holder mounted on the swing arm.

However, a matt-black wheel cap with silver studs covers the rear wheel and makes it look badass. The conventional Himalayan-front telescopic fork has been replaced with an upside-down fork. An Ohlins monoshock carries out the suspension duties at the rear. A thicker model replaced the rear swingarm too.

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This helped the team reduce both the height and the motorcycle’s wheelbase. The.02View features front-up twin disk brakes, scrubbed on either side by Nissin four-piston calipers. A single Brembo disk brake is at the rear. The spoken wheels are shod with huge off-road Shinko E805 tyres.

The motor seems in the shape of stocks, but now it has a straight pipe underneath exhaust system with no restrictions whatsoever, so we can tell it’s a noisy motorcycle with confidence “as read and inspired by the report done by iamabiker”.