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Henry Ford’s First Automobile And Most Affordable Car: Quadricycle And Ford T Model

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Henry Ford's First Automobile And Most Affordable Car: Quadricycle And Ford T Model

The man who revolutionized the automobile industry, henry ford very first automobile was a quadricycle which he designed on June 4, 1896, in a coal shed on Bagley Avenue in Detroit.

The quadricycle was featured with a light metal frame fitted with four wheels and a stylish bench seat. The quadricycle was also powered by a two-cylinder, 4 ho gasoline engine. However, there was no steering wheel, brakes or reverse gear. Henry Ford added water jackets so that the engine became air cooled as it used to get too hot.



Ford used to work as chief engineer at the main plant of Edison illuminating company where he began his journey to work on quadricycles. Ford worked day and night to make sure that Detroit had electric service around the clock. Ford used to work in his flexible hours to experiment on his project which resulted, ford creating a horseless carriage which was powered by gasoline engines.


The year was 1876 when ford saw a steam-powered vehicle chugging on a road. And it was 1895 when the obsession with gasoline engines was sparked when ford spotted an article in November in one of the American magazines.

Ford was also encouraged by Thomas Edison who was also Ford’s first hero. Who also became longtime friends. When ford finally completed the project of quadricycle, you completed it was the words from Thomas Edison to henry ford.

henry ford's quadricycle

Ford drove the quadricycle which was weighing around 500 pounds. The quadricycle had two driving speeds 10 mph and 20 mph and also had a doorbell kind button which was used as a horn. The first check drive was considered a success and after this, there was no stopping for Ford as he went on creating mass production in the automobile industry and revolutionized it. Ford’s first quadricycle was sold for $200 in 1896. Which he spent on building later cars.


The model which was sold by Ford motor company from 1908 to 1927. Which was the biggest effort in creating the car that an average person can also afford? Modern cars were also built by Karl Benz in 1893 but that doesn’t mean that they could be afforded by an average person.


The model T was the model which could be afforded by an average person and it became so popular at one time that it was owned by every common man in America. This was all possible because of Henry Ford’s revolutionary modernization of the manufacturing process. 

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• How Model T Was Invented?

When henry ford was the chief engineer at Edison company of Detroit. It was one of the ordinary nights where Henry Ford worked over a gasoline engine and he successfully tested it one of the evenings in 1893. The engine worked merely for 30 seconds but was the clear sign to confirm that ford was on the right track. And after two failed businesses Ford founded his own company in 1903.

How Model T Was Invented?

The production of Model T was overtaken by 8 car models and together which came as model T. Model T development officially began in 1907 when ford assembled a team of five people in his small factory in Detroit.

Selling The Model T

Model T was released on October 1, 1908, which was a vehicle with self start also the left-sided steering wheel.

The model T was powered by a four-cylinder engine that also had features like a detachable cylinder head. The car was covered by alloy steel which was light in weight and at the same time super in strength. The car was also built in such a way that it could clear the worst roads. The model T was the very first car in which all parts were developed by Ford company itself.

The Model T was kept at a price of $850 which was considered as a reasonable price but was still higher for most of the average American workers. And keeping this in mind, Ford’s goal was to keep lowering the price of Model T.

Selling The Model T

After Ford sold almost 10000 models of T, they announced that they would also be introducing the model R and model S which were remarked for that any customer can have any color printed as they want.

The car that has been considered as the most influencing car of the 20 century and why not till the arrival of FORD T every car that was produced was either too scarce and expensive but the leadership of henry ford he finally brought a car which was affordable to a common American man. 

Henry Ford no doubt has been a man who revolutionized the automobile industry with his hard work and consistency and has created one of the most used instruments in today’s world.

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