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Genesis G80 unveiled an electric version

by Navyatha Sandiri

Genesis G80, Hyundai’s nascent luxury brand, has unveiled an electric version of its flagship G80 sedan. The electrified G80 is the brand’s first EV, debuting at the 2021 Shanghai auto show ahead of a global launch later this year. The brand’s global lineup will be sold alongside the conventionally powered G80, the GV70 crossover, and the larger GV80 SUV.

  • The G80 EV’s twin-motor setup produces 370hp and 700Nm.
  • The exterior design of the EV is nearly identical to that of the conventional G80.
  • Genesis is considering an entry into India with an SUV.

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TGenesis G80 EV’s powertrain specifications

The G80 EV is powered by a twin-motor, four-wheel-drive powertrain that rivals the performance of Genesis’ sibling brands’ new bespoke EVs, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

The highlights include a loading system of 800 V that can be loaded up to 350 kW, an external loading function (V2L) on the vehicles, and a disconnecting actuator system that switches between the two and four-wheel drives as necessary for maximum efficiency.

The twin motors provide the G80 EV with 370hp and 700Nm when combined, allowing for a 0-96kph time of 4.9sec in Sport driving mode. The battery size has yet to be confirmed, but the electrified G80 is expected to have a range of more than 500 kilometers on China’s NEDC test cycle.

Details on the exterior and interior of the Genesis G80 EV

The Genesis G80 EV sedan looks identical to the standard G80, which was revealed a year ago, with the exception of a closed-off grille and bespoke front bumper. With a broadcasting infotainment panel that dominates the dashboard, the same premium focus is maintained on the inside, with a minimum control panel and extensive use of the leather.

Technology in the Genesis G80 EV

The G80 is equipped with an Active Noise Control-Road (ANC-R), which analyzes the noise of roads in the car and generates “the opposite sounds” for cancelation.

Furthermore, the suspension system adjusts to the road surface using a front camera in conjunction with the satnav to provide the “best driving experience.”

Various sustainability features, such as a solar panel in the roof and recycled interior materials, are expected to become defining features of Genesis’ EV lineup.


Genesis in India

We reported in 2019 that Genesis was planning to enter the Indian market, with the first model likely to be an SUV. The brand currently sells two SUVs in international markets: the GV80 and the Hyundai Tucson-based GV70, though which will arrive first remains to be seen.

Furthermore, the traditional Genesis G80 sedan was spotted testing in India earlier this year, but there has been no word on when it will be available in the country. Similarly, it is unknown whether Genesis will bring the electric G80 sedan to India “as read and reported by www.autocarindia.com”.