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2021 Ford planning to import the new Ranger Raptor to India

by Navyatha Sandiri

Ford planning to import the new Ranger Raptor a limited number of its Intense pick-up. Centered on similar running gear to the Ford Endeavor SUV, though the Ranger Raptor is not your everyday pick-up and is uniquely designed to drive rapidly over rough terrain.

  • The Ford Ranger Raptor pick-up is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2021.
  • Power pick-up powered by a 213hp, 500Nm engine
  • Gets mods that make it easy to cover poor roads at speed.

Why is Ford attempting to import a ‘efficiency’ pick-up like the Ranger Raptor?

Ever heard the famous quotation from climber George Mallory “because it’s there” about Everest? Ford’s Ranger Raptor has a similar difficult-to-put-your-finger-on but nonetheless major appeal. It may not be something like what Indian buyers are waiting for, but with its mix of off-road abilities, load-carrying capability, and unusual Baja racing-truck-like potential to travel bad roads at speed.

It definitely has something of an X-factor. Even with Ford’s affiliation with Mahindra now gathering momentum, the blue oval is ever more ready to display its own distinctive identity.

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But how different is the Ranger Raptor from a regular pickup?

Although regular pick-ups are supposed to hold loads, this one has genes from the Baja Race Truck spliced in. This is why the ladder frame or chassis has been severely improved to handle extra knocks from medium-sized drops and bounces (Ford believes that the side rails will now take an additional G of impact), the front suspension towers are strong to take the extra weight and at the rear, the load-bearing leaf springs have been replaced by Watt’s Endeavor-like linkage.

The Raptor also gets a purpose-built 2.5 inch (diameter) off-road driving coil from Fox Race Truck Specialist. As a result, the Ranger has 30 percent more wheel travel, and with special shocks, the potential to ride over rocky roads at a pace that will smash most SUVs to pieces.

Ford planning to import the new Ranger Raptor

Can the Ranger Raptor be capable off the road as well?

The Ranger Raptor’s ground clearance is a colossal 283mm: skip the speed breakers, you can also clamp over the dividers. It’s having 800mm of water-wading depth, and the big 285mm tires give huge traction. Although the engine is identical to the one that drives Endeavor, meaning output is unlikely to be a selling point, this one gets twin turbos, so you’ve got 213hp and most notably, 500Nm of torque, both of which run through Ford’s 10-speed automatic gearbox.

In addition, the four-wheel-drive system has six modes within the Terrain Control System, including dirt, asphalt, snow and rock climbing. However the most intriguing is the Baja mode, which eliminates chassis interventions for a full attack on rugged terrain.

Is there another fascinating package for the Ranger Raptor?

On the outside, you get eye-catching chunky bodywork extensions for the now-wider track, the iconic black Raptor grid gets your attention up front and then there’s also something important for a vehicle that sits too far off the pavement, roll-over protection – an ESP-relates protection feature that stops a truck from getting into conditions where roll-over is possible.

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When is the Ranger Raptor going to be in showrooms?

The Ranger Raptor which is importing by Ford as part of the 2,500-unit homologation-free route. The Raptor, however, it is going to enter showrooms sometime in the second half of 2021; plan to pay upwards of Rs 70 Lakh for one of these special off-roaders. Don’t be shy if you like more because Ford is only likely to import a very limited number “www.autocarindia.com”