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New Fiat Abarth’s first SUV has been revealed.

by Navyatha Sandiri

FIAT’s history dates back many years, from Fiat Abarth’s first SUV to the dawn of Italian industrialization, in which it has always played a crucial part. From that point on, the FIAT brand grew and spread throughout the world.

The name FIAT is still loaded with meaning today, thanks to a shift in corporate culture and mentality, not only because of the cars we make – cars with appealing styling and exciting engines, cars that are affordable and improve the quality of everyday life – but also because of our heritage and tradition.

While neither Fiat nor Abarth is currently available in India, parent company Stellantis is trying to expand its Abarth performance brand internationally.

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Stellaris, the current owner of Fiat and its performance division Abarth, is attempting to bring the Abarth brand to a wider audience. It has been declared that Abarth will henceforth be treated like any other brand inside the group, but will remain under Fiat, with specialized dealerships and a gradual expansion in its current regions.

While the Fiat and Abarth brands are not available in India, they are very popular in other parts of the world, such as South America. In South America, the Fiat Pulse Abarth, the Italian automaker’s first performance SUV, is currently available. We go over it in further depth.

  • The brand’s first performance SUV is the Pulse Abarth.
  • More than 185 horsepower is expected.
  • Decals and exterior improvements in the classic Abarth style

What’s new with the Fiat Pulse Abarth?

While the Fiat Pulse SUV has been on the market in regions such as Brazil for some time, this is the first Abarth-branded SUV. The first set of images has been released by Fiat, but the entire list of mechanical changes for the Pulse Abarth has yet to be revealed.

The Pulse Abarth gets 18-inch alloy wheels, unique front and back bumpers, and Abarth insignia and livery instead of traditional Fiat logos in terms of style. Although the Pulse Abarth’s power output hasn’t been revealed, we expect its 1.3-liter turbo-petrol engine to produce more than 185 horsepower, which is currently offered in the normal version.

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The India link of the Fiat Abarth brand

The Fiat brand has a long history in India, while the Abarth brand, thanks to the now-discontinued Abarth Punto, still has a cult following. While parent company Stellantis is active in India, there are currently no intentions to bring Fiat or Abarth back to the country. In India, Stellantis is now working on Jeep and Citroen, both of which are slated to release new cars this year.