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vintage cars of mercedes benz

Mercedes a top german automobile manufactures has produced one of the most most beautiful and luxurious cars ever. Mercedes claims that they started building automobiles back in 1886, however, this claim is disputed as there is no evidence. While today we gonna be discussing some of the best vintage cars of Mercedes that have been ever produced.

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CLS Class

The first one in our list and this may be a bit confusing but let me clear you this. With the very first CLS class launch in 2004, Mercedes Benz proved everyone that sedans could be sleeky and sexy at the same time. And the. Almost all the manufacture started following the same by turning their 4 door vehicle in coupes. 

The sexy look of CLS is what attracted most of the luxury customer. The car is very stylish and was just perfect for those CEO and higher post people in a company.

Mercedes 280 SL 

Launched in 1967 it was hard for Mercedes Benz to follow an act like 300SL but Mercedes pulled it off with endless possibilities. 


The 280 SL was powered by a 2.8-liter incline 6 cylinder engine which can put around 170 hp. Which was a huge number at that time? The body of 280 SL was colored by hubcaps and bit tasteful touches. And the 280 SL is one of the very few cars which looks good in any color as the car was also old classic in look with two doors and a long front portion. 

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Mercedes Benz 190 SL

Launched in 1955 the Mercedes Benz 190 SL was the car that replaced 300 SL. It has got everything for a customer from new tech to its beauty but was made for an average person as it was very expensive at that time to purchase.  The newer vehicle was not having much power as compared to the old one but was a treat and fun to ride 190 SL. 

The car comes with new features that helps to improve its speed and power. Some new revolutionary materials were added in the car to make it more lightweight and a car that was highly responsive and easy to use on road. Although the format of SL was influenced by money and was a great substitution for 300 SL.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Mercedes has a big reputation for rolling out sporty and sexy cars and while no one was expecting a commercial van scene from Mercedes. Launched in 1995 the sprinter was one of the most successful contributions by Mercedes-Benz in the market. And this is the reason we have added it in our list of top 10 vintage Mercedes Benz of all time. You will be still able to see the sprinter of Mercedes running all over the world in hard-hitting workhorses services. 

Sprinters are used in a variety of fields like transporting of telecom equipment, VIP tours, and other business purposes.

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300 D Adenauer

Rolled out in 1961 the 300D is considered one of the most desired luxury cars in the world. While this car is not so big and flashy but it is a classy limo that offers a comfortable and luxurious ride for VIP from place to place. The car got named behind one of its purchasers who was the German chancellor who purchased six vehicles for his personal use. Which was quite a lot because it was one of the most expensive cars of that era.

The design of the car was made in such a way that it was highly elegant and had falling line design which makes it curves from top to bottom Rear. There was the time when even celebrities wanted to ride in style and draw attention to them then this was their favorite choice to ride in.

Mercedes Benz 500k

Launched the first time in 1936 and it was one of the most beautiful motor cars ever created by Mercedes. The 500k has massive built and has just two seats so the occupants have plenty of space of legs and comfort. The car is powered by a 7.0-liter engine and is one of the fastest cars to hit the roads during 1930. The Mercedes limited its production to only 150 units just because the car was so expensive that it was only afforded by the top VIP of the country. And this is what makes it one of the most valuable cars of that time. The car was having really long front engine which makes it look different from all other cars of that time.



Launched in 2008 the car was one of the most modern cars of Mercedes Benz. The old school American muscle car design of this car made it popular. People who were saying muscle cars can’t be classy then this was the answer for them. The only problem with the car was that it was equipped with more power than it was needed. Sometimes it can put in you trouble due to its high speed and power however it was a real thrill to drive this beast. The latest versions of it have got somewhat neutral controls but the car is a real choice for people who love big and sexy at the same time and this is the reason this is in our list of top 10 vintage Mercedes Benz ever produced.

Mercedes Benz W123

Rolled out by Mercedes in 1979. The car comes with various features especially in diesel version which includes plenty of power and efficiency.  The car can survive and handle any tough situation and is almost impossible to kill. The car can even counter any track. Even roads condition are not well you can drive your W123 without any hesitation. The W123 was highly demanded in Africa. And it is one of the best Mercedes Benz cars that was made for toughness and handling any situation.

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Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren

Again one of the most expensive cars ever made by Mercedes but let me tell you one thing this car will pay back you every cent of it. Launched in 2003 the car is powered by one of the best car engines in the world yes believe me you will feel no difference in sitting in this car or in a private jet. The engine can produce stunning 617 horsepower. The car comes in the list of top supercars ever produced in the world. But the car comes with the price of $450,000 which is definitely not a piece of cake for an average man.

Mercedes Benz CLK GTR

Rolled out in the market in 1997 this car was completely a badass racecar that gave competitors a cut-throat competition. After two years of its launch, the car was high in demand for road use model variants. Mercedes accepted the request and released a limited number of vehicles. But it was not even in the budget of some high-class people. The car was a rare one and cost around $1.60 million which was a huge amount for that time and it was just a wish light for VIP who have extra cash at home. No matter but the car was built to produce some impressive speed and power highest of 330 km which was also very impressive numbers for that time.

So here it all ends the list of our top 10 vintage Mercedes of all time. The list is based on the car’s functionality, features and performance during their launches and I hope every one of you liked it.


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