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Mumbai Police Department has discontinued the use of color-coded stickers for vehicles.

by Navyatha Sandiri

The color-coded stickers system has been introduced to ensure a smooth movement of emergency vehicles and essential services so that they can easily handle locking areas more easily.

In COVID-19 cases, the entire country has seen a sudden increase and the state governments take appropriate measures to reduce the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week the municipal authorities of Mumbai introduced an essential vehicle color code sticker system.

It was launched to ensure the smooth flow of emergency vehicles and essential services so that they can handle lock areas with ease. Now, in view of the state police’s move to introduce an e-pass system for inter-state and inter-departmental vehicle movement within the COVID-19 curbs, the Mumbai Police officer has officially stopped this color-coded sticker system.

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The city police announced that they had taken Twitter to announce the system’s termination. The television reads, “Dear Mumbaikars. Dear Mumbaikars. The categorization red, yellow and green #EmergencyStickers is terminated. But thorough checking will continue and we hope that you will be able to stand by us in #TakingOnCorona and avoid any non-essential/non-emergency outside #StayHomeStaySafe.”

A PTI official said: “The decision was taken by a Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) on Friday, to discontinue the color-coded sticker system for Mumbai.”

color-coded stickers

Three colors – red, green, and yellow for essential vehicles – were designed by the Mumbai Police to ensure strict implementation. The red color sticker was designated to support vehicles with doctors, medical personnel, and medical equipment. Under this scheme. The green stickers are used to supply food, food, and bakery products for vehicles. Finally, the vehicles used by the essential service employees, including municipal workers, electricity, telephone, press, and other services, should have yellow sticks.

During prohibitive orders, the official stated, the intention was to avoid unwanted road vehicles.

With stricter restrictions on all vehicles in urgent situations and essential service all over the state, however, the Maharashtra Police Director General (DGP) Sanjay Pandey restored an e-pass system on Friday night.

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Previously the state government had announced stricter restrictions, which entered into force on Thursday from 8 pm. The limitations will continue until 1 May 2021. Unless it is for essential services, medical reasons, or vaccination, no travel is allowed by either private or public transport. The DGP reinstated on Friday the e-pass system for every vehicle in emergency services and essential services throughout the state “as read and reported by www.carandbike.com”.

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