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Top Five Tips How To Maintain Your New Car

by Navyatha Sandiri

To most car owners, their vehicle is a sign of pride and joy, a sign of respect that often gives the entire family comfort. Here’s what you have to do to ensure the good running of your beloved car for many years to come:

A lot of people say they don’t have to do anything just because their car is new. FIRST! You have paid a lot for the car. If you want to keep it fresh, you have to take care of it like everything else! New vehicles are not resistant to the harsh conditions of the climate and the clear coat is not a cover for your vehicle.

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A lot of people say they don’t have to do anything just because their car is new. FIRST! You have paid a lot for the car. If you want to keep it fresh, you have to take care of it like everything else! New vehicles are not resistant to the harsh conditions of the climate and the clear coat is not a cover for your vehicle.

Responsibility for a proper car from starting

When you drive home and pull into the driveway, the time is right to start car care. I stayed next to the shaft and got my wash bucket, car wash shampoo, mitt wash and drying towels with microfiber before I even pulled into the garage when I got home with my new car.

Tips for maintaining your car

Perform – Maintenance Regularly

If your car is brand new or ten years old, proper car care is important. The steps are the same, although an older car that requires the removal of defects such as oxidation, swirl, or scratches may have to spend a little more time.

Most people think all the steps in a new car are not necessary but your long-term safety depends on your car is properly equipped and secured. Will, you do not want to resolve bonded contamination with your paint sealant or have less than perfect shine?

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This article will help you understand the significance of each move, even if it is no longer so new, in the five-step cycle of new car care.

Step 1 – Washing Your New Car

Wash – Wash the vehicle properly to remove the dirt and grime from it.

The first thing you have to remember is that car washing is the key cause of swirl lines! Don’t worry, the use of a better car wash towels, wash with mitt or microfiber drying towels will prevent this. Two buckets are also useful to avoid swirls, for one car washing solution and for the other to rinse your mitt.

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Not only is your car wash cycle more effective, but it’s also smoother and you can get a lot better results with good quality items and little education.

Step 2 – Claying Your New Car

Clean – To remove the attached surface contamination that is stuck to the color and is not removed with normal washing; remove your paint with clay detailing.

Most owners of existing cars believe they don’t need to bar a new vehicle. Not necessarily valid! Contamination is not a matter of whether the vehicle is old or new. Because your car is new, it has been exposed to several different types of environments. Your car started at the plant, sat on a lot waiting to be transported by plane, train, or truck or transport combination, so it could have sat on the lot waiting to be purchased for who knows how long. Who knows what flew in the air during the long ride between the factory and your driveway during this time?


The removal of chemicals on the surface that makes the coating rough is not a substitute for polishing the paint with specifics of the clay by using the Ultima Elastrofoam Cleaning System. It is a procedure to be done prior to the polishing process. If your paint is rough, dirt and dust continue to hold on and create even more problems. The straightforward process of claying eliminates the waste and prepares the car for paint and safeguards.

Step 3 – Polishing Your New Car

Polish – Remove paint defects, dye them and improve the overall gloss.

Most likely, if a car is new, you won’t have to repair defects unless the dealer’s car is on the lot for some time and is met with the dreaded whirl of bad washing. It can also be generated by dealer detailers who wrongly use computer polishers.

If your paint is faulty, you may want to use the Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion for a pre-waxing cleanser to improve the shine and to prepare your paint to protect your paint. Whether hand or computer can be used for this product safely and easily.

Step 4 – Protecting Your New Car

Protect – Secure the surface of your paint against harsh climate and avoid premature aging by wax, paint barrier or paint-proofing.

A significant number of new car owners consider the clearcoat as a protective layer that protects their car from damage. That just isn’t real. The clear coat is a smooth, translucent paint to cover and deepen the color coat. It’s not just a super high tech shield, it is transparent color, and just like the old single stage paints have to be covered.

The same “finished safety” term is used for car waxes, paint protectants, and paint screeners. Although some do a better job than others, they all guard against premature oxidation, helping to prevent it from degrading. New technology will make a car wax ‘old school’ and less effective than modern paint sealants.

Step 5 – Maintaining Your New Car

Maintain – Keep the paint in place with normal washing and quick detailing between washing.

Quick detailers are also known as a waterless wash and are commonly used by car detailers and car enthusiasts to give the finishing touch to a freshly detailed vehicle. Quick detailing quickly and easily removes freshwater spots, streaks, dust, and other light contamination. It’s also a good idea to keep one with you for those dreaded bird bombs to clean up quickly to avoid permanent damage.

Quick detail sprays are a special formula that evaporates quickly, prevents spotting, lubricates, and contains gloss enhancers to recharge your only waxed brightness. A simple detailer is more to the car enthusiast than just a convenient time-saver, but it is a must to keep your finish looking great.

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